Shilpa Shinde Blasts Big Boss Winner Sidharth Shukla: ‘He Doesn’t Deserve to Win’
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Shilpa Shinde Blasts Big Boss Winner Sidharth Shukla: ‘He Doesn’t Deserve to Win’

Shilpa Shinde who was in a relationship with Sidharth Shukla reveals what went wrong between them

Former Bigg Boss winner and the forever-forthright television actress Shilpa Shinde is on the warpath against this season’s Bigg Boss winner Siddharth Shukla. Shilpa, who admits to being in a relationship with Shukla in the past explained why it was important for Shukla’s true colours (pun intended) to be exposed. “By winning Bigg Boss, he’s supposed to be setting an example. He is supposed to be  some kind of an inspiration and role  model for many  others who aspire to be  winners on  Bigg Boss. Is this the behaviour you endorse by making an abusive man a  winner?”

Shilpa who won the  Bigg Boss contest in 2013 says she  wouldn’t have spoken out  if she hadn’t seen it imperative to do so. “ It is okay for others to say, ‘He behaved this way with this girl and that girl.’ But who knows what goes on between two people in a relationship? I’ve been in a relationship with Mr Shukla.  I know what it was like. And I was not at all surprised by his behaviour towards women on Bigg Boss. People  don’t change. They only pretend to change.”

So what was  Shukla like in his relationship with Ms Shinde? She thinks  for a while and then says, “He was aggressive, as if he had something to hide. His phone would be switched  off for long hours when we were seeing one another. He would go missing without prior announcement. Where would he go and why would his phone be switched off? When I asked him, he would get aggressive and ask back if I didn’t trust him. But I trusted him. So why didn’t he respect that trust?”

Shilpa reveals there were many times when she would come to his rescue. “Once he got into trouble  for acting aggressively with the cops. I had to make some calls… But it’s not as if  he didn’t have a good side to him. Of course he  did. I’ve seen him help those who have come to  him in distress. But having said that, I’d still like to  insist  that he wasn’t  the right person to  win Bigg Boss.”

Then who was? “Without a  doubt, Asim Riaz. In fact I was sure Asim would win. A day before the winner was announced, I came to know Siddharth  Shukla was winning. I made some discreet  inquiries and I came to know  he was winning because of  his connections…I don’t want to elaborate  on it.  Earlier also, he won on Khatron Ke Khiladi, apparently because he got a lot of help and support from behind the scenes. At that time I didn’t come out against his winning because I had no proof of  my  allegations.  But now I’m  sure Mr Shukla doesn’t deserve to win on Bigg Boss because I’ve seen his  behaviour with me. And  I’ve seen his behaviour with  Shehnaz Gill and Rashmi Desai. Believe me, it isn’t healthy behaviour. I guess respect is a two-way  traffic.  You get as good as  you give.”

Now that Siddharth Shukla has won what is  Shilpa’s advice to future contestants on Bigg Boss?

“Don’t imitate  his behaviour. He  didn’t win because he was aggressive with women. He won because he had the backing of influential people.”

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