Sherlock Holmes Comes to Dubai. Here’s How You Can Meet Him

Sherlock Holmes Comes to Dubai. Here’s How You Can Meet Him

One of our favourite detectives on stage
Sherlock Holmes Comes to Dubai. Here’s How You Can Meet Him

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? And who doesn’t worship a super smart sleuth who can unravel and answer the most complicated questions of our times. If you, like us, dig a thriller, it’s time to meet one of the greatest detectives of all times, Sherlock Holmes – albeit on stage.

From January 18-20, 2018, The Junction Theatre at Al Serkal Avenue will play host to Sherlock Holmes as The Hive and Tall Tales Production come together to showcase this iconic production. The award-winning production houses will recreate Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous characters, Sherlock and his trusted partner Watson, on a challenge that seeks to bring down an enemy and uncover a deadly plot to destroy the country.

The Plot
This time the plot is rather dramatic. Someone is trying to kill Sherlock and he has to employ his wits to his best possible ability to thwart the threats. A sinister story unravels as you witness twists and turns, odd coincidences and outbursts of comic brilliance. In other words, complete entertainment.

The Team
The people behind this production are a group of multi-talented, multi-cultural individuals who have impressed one and all with their previous acts.

The Director
Jimish Thakkar, an award-winning director (The Miracle Worker), says that the idea about the play was to start from where most famous Sherlock stories have ended. “This adaptation starts with and centers on a death threat against Sherlock Holmes, who for the first time, is challenged to solve the case of his life (or death),” adds Thakkar. Incidentally, this play is hugely different from his previous work which was an adaptation of Helen Keller’s biography. “After The Miracle Worker that presented a story of a blind, deaf and mute child facing unparalled circumstances, I wanted to direct a never-staged story of Sherlock. This production gave me the opportunity to adapt and re-imagine not one but two of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories and their characters and present both in the same play,” says Thakkar.

The Actors
Actor Asad Raza Khan, who plays Sherlock has been rather active on  the theatre scene in Dubai, keeping the stage alive with his riveting performances and is understandably thrilled by it. “The original novels reached a wide, diverse audience and many people still hold up Sherlock Holmes as the greatest detective of all time," says Khan. “He’s a cultural phenomenon that has been translated into over 160 languages – it's a truly international thing. You have to make sure that you are true to the legend. This requires a lot of pre-work, effort, and research to make sure justice is served to the sleuth, as well as the audiences coming for the play.”
For Sarah Potter, playing the role of Mrs Hudson, the challenging part is about taking a similar story in a different direction, packing the production with quirky characters, crackling dialogue, action, humour, and “more twists than a Strawberry Lemonade Twizzler.”
The inimitable character of Dr Watson is played by Kuvam Sharma. “These characters created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are an integral part of almost everyone’s childhood in England. To have the opportunity to bring Dr Watson to life out of the books is a true privilege and a daunting task, in equal measures,” he says.
So the stage is set and the mystery will unfold. Are you going to be part of it?

INFO: The shows in Dubai will be performed from the 18th to 20th of January 2018 at The Junction Theatre in Al-Serkal Avenue. There will be an evening shows at 7.30 pm each day with a special matinee show on Saturday 20th of January at 2.30 pm as well. Tickets are available online at and are priced at 100 AED.