Shellac Power Polish by CND

Shellac Power Polish by CND

Try six gorgeous long-lasting and shimmering nail colours

Nail and skin experts CND has released six eye-catching nail shades under the label Shellac Power Polish. The shellac shades are different from the traditional nail polishes because they dry quickly and leave an even shine without any chipping, smudging or dullness. The colour also comes off gently within minutes when removed with Shellac remover wraps.

What makes the removal process unique is that with the high-tech 'quick release' base coat, the nail colour flakes into small pieces and glides off the nail without scraping the surface of the nail.

The gorgeous shades include Silver Chrome (pure metallic shine), Cityscape (creamy dove grey), Rubble (earthy mushroom taupe) Silver VIP Status, Gold VIP status and Dark Lava (stormy raisin color suitable for formal events).

Available at all leading salons and spas in the region.
Price Dhs 104

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