Shatrughan Sinha sticks to his statement on Rani

Shatrughan Sinha sticks to his statement on Rani

The actor had referred to her as 'Rani Chopra' at an event
Shatrughan Sinha sticks to his statement on Rani

Shatrughan Sinha

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At a time when most stars prefer to be diplomatic about their goof-ups, it's refreshing to hear someone being candid. Shatrughan Sinha is in no mood to apologise for spilling the beans on Rani Mukerji's relationship with Aditya Chopra.

Two days ago at an event to unveil the late Yash Chopra's statute, Shatrughan had referred to Rani as Rani Chopra when he was thanking the entire Chopra family. While most considered it a huge faux pas and Rani herself appeared to be hugely embarrassed, Shatru believes it wasn't an 'oops' moment for him at all.

He explains that it wasn't a blooper when he addressed her as Rani Chopra. "I only stated the truth. Then you should not ask me to speak in public. If you do, you had better be prepared for some frank speak," says the actor who is not regretful about the public revelation! Does this indeed endorse the rumour about the Aditya-Rani secret marriage?

"While I was mentioning the family members my wife reminded me that I had forgot to mention Aditya Chopra. To this I replied, 'I have mentioned Rani Chopra and that is as good as mentioning Aditya Chopra too'. I see no harm in this," the actor confirms.

Incidentally, Shatru wasn't originally supposed to reveal the statue of the late Yash Chopra. We hear it was Amitabh who was initially chosen for the task and had even accepted the invitation. But due to unavoidable circumstances he backed out at the last minute and hence Shatru was selected to do the honours.