Sharmila Tagore plays fairy godmother
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Sharmila Tagore plays fairy godmother

She has apparently purchased a flat for her daughter and future son-in-law

The entire world is discussing the Saifeena wedding – everyone wants to know when, where, how and other details. However, in the process Saif's little sister Soha is feeling a bit left out. She has been in a steady relationship with Kunal Khemu but the tabloids and gossip press aren't just interested in this couple.

Talks have been on about an impending marriage as well. And it's here that mum Sharmila has stepped in. The grapevine says that Sharmila has purchased a Rs 9 crore flat in Khar in suburban Mumbai for her daughter and future son-in-law. At least after marriage, they have a brand new flat to move into. Nasty whispers bite that the couple could never have afforded this on their own anyway!

Kunal has a practically non-existent film career while Soha refuses commercial projects for select offers only. Well, that's what doting mums are for! We are sure, Hema Malini would agree.

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