Sharib Hashmi is Trying to Listen to His Begum's Advice During Lockdown

Sharib Hashmi is Trying to Listen to His Begum's Advice During Lockdown

The Family Man and Asur actor Sharib Hashmi on life during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus threat

When I  caught  up with the very talented  Sharib Hashmi during this 3-week lockdown he  seemed cheerful. Said Sharib who is  currently being seen  in the the popular series Asur, “Just like it’s treating everybody else. I am fully quarantined at home. I eat watch films, sleep, repeat (laughs). Bahut saari cheezein chal rahi hai dimaag mein! I really hope and pray we come out of this victorious.

Sharib is trying to follow his wife’s advice. “BEGUM (wife) roz keh rahi hai ke workout karo! But laziness has seeped in big time! But from today evening I’m gonna start with my workout for sure! I’m also planning to start writing something soon. Maybe a series or a movie. I don’t know what. But I’m going to write something for sure.”

On his career front, Sharib says he is enjoying a mix of both web and movies. “As far as the web is concerned, I’ve only done two series so far Asur and The Family ManAnd I’m really proud to be a part of both of them .”

Asur and The Family Man have cast Sharib  as urban  characters for a change. And  Sharib loves it. “I enjoyed playing JK Talpade in The Family Man a lot!The Family Man came first and it changed things for me. I was almost forgotten after Filmistaan as nothing substantial… or should I say,  successful in terms of box office,  came  my way post Filmistaan. I did get appreciation for my roles in the films  Phullu and Nakkash, but not too many people saw them.”

Is the OTT platform, the outlet Sharib was craving for? “The OTT platform is a boon for all of us actors. Lot of unique stories are being told. Creative people are experimenting with the content they want to churn out. And for us actors it’s good opportunities different roles and characters to portray. And of course for the audience more stuff to select from.”

Sharib just finished shooting for a film produced by Nila Madhab Panda and directed by his talented associate Anuj Tyagi. Says Sharib excitedly, “It stars the amazingly talented kid Yagya who also played Kangana’s son in Panga. The National Award winner Usha Jadhav is opposite me, and Vinay Pathak and Ishtiyaq Khan also star in the film.Then there is a film called Phir Se Shaadi. And of course Darbaan was going to release on the 2 April .That is not going to  happen.”

Sharib is specially excited  about Darbaan.  “ Darbaan is the most special film of my career so far after Filmistaan. It’s based on a short story by Rabindranath  Tagore and its directed by Bipin Nadkarni who’s a National Award winner. His first film Uttarayan won the national award for the Best Marathi Film. I can’t wait for this crisis period across the world to end, so we can  back to our normal lives.”

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