Shama Sikander confronts plastic surgery rumours

Shama Sikander confronts plastic surgery rumours

The actress says she is ‘not a criminal’ but will not confirm or deny any cosmetic procedures

Shama Sikander, who gained fame from the TV series Yeh Meri Life Hai, has received a mass of comments on her social media pages accusing her of having cosmetic surgery. It began last year when the actress shared a ’10 year challenge’ photo comparison of herself. People were quick to criticise her transformation saying things like, “plastic surgery can change everything,” and “she’s full of plastic surgery”.

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Shama ignored the rumours until now when she told IANS, “Firstly, I don't understand these accusations. Accused? I am not some criminal standing here that I have done something wrong. They are not even sure if I have even done it. I don't see any reason to explain or to speak about this. It is my life. I can do whatever I want. Secondly, you have no idea what I have gone through."

The actress did not deny having surgery but instead flipped the narrative on their comments, “You cannot make the whole world understand what you have gone through because it is you who has gone through it and understand exactly what it is. It' is not necessary that you go under the knife every time people change," She went on to say, "If I change, does that mean I go under the knife every day? And I just keep changing every day? Have they lost it? So, I don't want to say anything to those people. It's their life."

Reflecting on the changes in her life, Shama said, “When I tell you this is my mind that has changed me, you don't believe me!” Fed up of the rumours, the 38 year-old said, “I'd rather let them live with their lies and they can feel whatever they want to feel they can feel and understand.”

Concluding the interview powerfully the star stated, “I will think what I want to think. I would rather invest this whole time in making myself better, whichever way. I can and I will. I don't think I need to explain this to anyone."​

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