Shahrukh's Akshay complex?
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Shahrukh's Akshay complex?

Akki's hit parade seems to be rattling King Khan

After Aamir Khan, King Khan is now feeling the heat from the Action Man and has started poking fun at him during public events.

The biggest Bollywood star right now, Shahrukh is showing signs of being affected by Akshay's growing stature. After all, SRK has never delivered 4 back-to-back hits in a year, something that Akshay did last year. As a result, his stock has sky-rocketed, placing him within reach of SRK's King crown.

Apparently, Shahrukh has become so worried about the threat from Akshay that he is now using his public appearances to take pot shots at him.

As if the jokes directed at Akshay at the recent Filmfare awards were not enough, King Khan used a recent event in Jamnagar, organised by Mukesh Ambani, to further reveal his worries to the world.

According to an onlooker, "Shahrukh just couldn't stop mentioning Akki during the 45-minute-long skit. The actor passed comments like, 'So what if Akshay has had more releases last year? So what if Akshay's earnings have shot up? So what if he can do daring action scenes? What he can do, SRK can do better. When it comes to quality, there's no one to beat SRK.'"

Many other guests were surprised as well that Shahrukh was joking about Akshay Kumar. According to an eye witness, Shahrukh has been doing the same thing at every award function. But the difference is that he earlier made fun of his colleagues in front of them. This time, Akshay wasn't even present in Jamnagar!

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