Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh Evokes Strong Reactions on Twitter Due to the Portrayal of Violent, Abusive Relationships
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Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh Evokes Strong Reactions on Twitter Due to the Portrayal of Violent, Abusive Relationships

Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor’s latest film, a remake of hit Telugu film Arjun Reddy, is being criticised for portraying abuse as love. Here’s what some people on Twitter had to say about the film

Bollywood films have often been criticised for promoting stalking and eve teasing, with “heroes” following their love interests everywhere, behaving inappropriately with them and finally winning them over with their outrageous behaviour. Shahid Kapoor’s latest film Kabir Singh, a remake of Telugu film Arjun Reddy, is being criticised for similar reasons. Though the film has been a roaring success at the box office, collecting Rs 20.21 crore on its opening day, and many people have been full of praise for the film and for Shahid’s performance, there are others who are highlighting how it advocates misogyny and promotes violent, abusive relationships in the name of love.

Twitter has been divided over this film, with some people offering harsh criticism of the storyline:

In one film he speaks about  the need to stop drug abuse and need for social responsibility #UdtaPunjab and then in the other he glorifies the exact opposite nature of it in name of masculinity. #kabirSingh. Let's not promote such things

Watched #Kabirsingh while it is good and @shahidkapoor is excellent, somewhere I feel the movie will further send the wrong message to youth that do whatever it takes but get your love life back ... screw it but get it

the only thing I have to say about the #KabirSingh discourse is that when raanjhanaa came out, another movie which romanticized stalking and obsessive behaviour and villianized the woman for saying no, my then boyfriend who was emotionally abusive related with it so much that everytime I said no to him or thought about breaking up he'd verbally abuse me, stalk me, appealed to me with suicide notes and whatnot until I said yes and all his friends would blame me for his behaviour and his low marks in class. so yes, it's not just a movie.

#KabirSingh 'script' is totally shit , I think Bollywood don't want to upgrade with time, same old age aggressive love story.What they want to portray with such bullshit stories ..These type of stories are the reason for many crimes against women just to justify love.

Walked out of #KabirSingh in the interval. The worst film I have seen lately. @imvangasandeep should know his piece of art has triggered a tsunami of negative emotions in me as a woman, affecting my mental health.

The blatant glorification of misogyny, sexism and mental and physical abuse against women in EVERY scene in the name of love is not what we deserve in 2019 but the makers of Kabir Singh beg to differ.

In Kabir Singh's world, it's perfectly fine to fat-shame a woman while wooing the girl he likes, saying, "Fat chicks are like teddy bear. They are soft and loyal. Far chicks and good looking chicks are a good combination." And all this while the girl, he likes, is smiling.

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