Shahid Kapoor Thanks Kangana Ranaut For Supporting Padmavati

Shahid Kapoor Thanks Kangana Ranaut For Supporting Padmavati

The actor finally opens up about the film
Shahid Kapoor Thanks Kangana Ranaut For Supporting Padmavati

Shahid Kapoor

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Shahid Kapoor has publicly thanked his former co-star Kangana Ranaut for supporting his stand in Padmavati. The actor on Thursday night in an event, said, "You feel very grateful that people are supporting you, so I am thankful to Kangana, and to everybody else who has spoken for Padmavati, and has been so kind and brave to come out there and express themselves."

He continued, "Sometimes there has been anger, sometimes people have been emotional, sometimes they have been very logical in breaking it down, but there are a lot of people from the fraternity who have come out and spoken for the film. At such times you feel a little vulnerable, and you feel a little emotional because everybody has put in so much work into the film, and it is a lot of sincere work. I don't think you can make a film like Padmavati unless you give a part of your heart and soul to the film. Obviously, the leading face is Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) sir, and we are just following his footsteps," he added.

Shahid said that it is important that we let the creativity flow without constriction or fear.  "I don't think scared is the right word. I don't think creative people should be scared because you can't create if you are constricted. You can't create unless you feel liberated and open, and I think art is a reflection of society at large. So it is important to express yourself with a certain sense of freedom, especially in a democracy. Everybody is concerned, the whole fraternity has expressed a lot of concern because there is enough that you deal with when your film is coming out - there are issues like piracy and there are a lot of other issues, larger issues that one is dealing with," he added.

We can’t wait to find out the new release date of Padmavati. When do you think it’ll release?