Shahid Kapoor Talks About Success, Criticism, Marriage and More
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Shahid Kapoor Talks About Success, Criticism, Marriage and More

Shahid Kapoor shared his thoughts on Kabir Singh’s success and criticism, and on marriage and wife Mira Rajput’s debut in showbiz. See below.

Shahid Kapoor -- who was last seen in this year’s biggest Bollywood blockbuster Kabir Singh -- has shared his thoughts on success, criticism, his family and more. In an interview with the Hindustan Times, the actor shared how he felt “very emotional and undeserving of such numbers” when Kabir Singh made up to INR 280 crore at the domestic box office. He said he was thankful to people and the film’s success has “changed something inside” and his relationship with audiences. He said, “Now, more than anyone else, I want to work for them — be it my own reasons, family or my belief in cinema. I feel like keep giving them films which they’ll really enjoy. I don’t want to let them down.”

Along with success, Shahid has also received criticism for the film, for portraying a negative and flawed character who promotes misogyny and sexism. Responding to a question on this, Shahid said it was “strange that no one questioned Shah Rukh Khan’s character from Baazigar (1993) when he loved both the sisters at the same time.”

He said Indian cinema was “coming closer to reality” but found the reaction to Kabir Singh “a little hypocritical and surprising too” as he had seen the same people celebrating and applauding Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

Shahid also spoke about marriage and his wife Mira Rajput. He said, “I’m a domesticated horse now,” and added, “your sense of identity becomes different before marriage as compared to when you have children and wife to come back home to. Then, it’s not just ‘you’ anymore, but more about ‘us.’ I think once you get there, then it’s difficult to get back to ‘you’ in terms of how you even think about life.” In response to speculations about his wife Mira joining showbiz, Shahid said it would be “completely her decision” and that she was dedicated as a mother and “completely consumed by that.” He added that as she was only 25, she had “all her life to figure out so many things for herself” and could do what she wanted to once their two children were older.


By Ayesha Hoda
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