Shahid Kapoor on How He Has Changed the Mould of a Bollywood Hero
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Shahid Kapoor on How He Has Changed the Mould of a Bollywood Hero

Shahid Kapoor has had quite the year and is now gearing up for his upcoming film, Jersey. He says he gave his fans what they wanted with Kabir Singh and wants to continue such work

It’s been quite the year for Shahid Kapoor after his block buster film, Kabir Singh made records. He is already on to his next, and is shooting for Jersey, co-starring Mrunal Thakur in the lead role. Shahid Kapoor is one of Bollywood’s most sought-after actors and recently opened up about life and his career and the future in a recent interview. Shahid Kapoor said that 2019 was a defining year for him which has empowered him to play different characters and has given him the belief that people are there to watch a good story.

He was further asked about how 2019 has been for him to which he said it has been a defining year for him and also that he felt a strong connection with the audience courtesy, Kabir Singh, since the overwhelming love made him realize the direct intensity. He went on to add that he finally understands that success and failure are not completely in one's control. Kabir Singh was one film that he did instinctively, from his gut, and it connected with people, something he wants to continue doing.

Shahid Kapoor was asked how he changed the mould of a Bollywood hero with movies like Kaminey, Udta Punjab, Kabir Singh, and others. He said that Kabir Singh wasn a movie people would never have expected him to do, and so he thinks he has given the audience the unexpected and that is what his relationship with them is based on. He said he would try and give his fans a new experience each time.

On the future, Shahid Kapoor said it looks unexpected and unpredictable. He added how this job is so unpredictable that one should keep the head down and enjoy the work they are doing, make people happy and keep going with focus. He wants to continue doing his best and giving his fans what they want.

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