Shahid Kapoor is Unrecognizable in this Ad From 1999

Shahid Kapoor is Unrecognizable in this Ad From 1999

An old video of Shahid Kapoor from a television ad is circulating on social media. While Shahid is unrecognisable in the video, it is mere proof of how far he’s come in his career
Shahid Kapoor is Unrecognizable in this Ad From 1999
Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is still reaping success from his record-breaking film, Kabir Singh, which has emerged as this year’s highest grossing film thus far, having crossed the INR275 crore mark. He was lauded for his stellar performance, which is now regarded as the best performance of his career till date. The Udta Punjab actor has come a long way since his 2003 Bollywood debut, Ishq Vishk and has most certainly carved a niche for himself in the industry. Recently, an old video emerged of Shahid Kapoor from an old detergent ad which he did in 1999.

The video was shared by a fan on Facebook in which Shahid Kapoor is showing off his boy-next-door charm in the ad. He is sporting long hair and is asked by his sister-in-law to wear a white kurta for a religious prayer but since the kurta has stains he refuses to wear it. His sister-in-law then asks him to cut his hair and in return she offers to clean his kurta. In the next scene, we see Shahid with short hair, wearing the kurta. Here’s the throwback ad:

With a career spanning 16 years, Shahid got his solo major hit in Kabir Singh. In an earlier interview, Shahid got emotional while talking about the success of the film and said that he was used to his film minting Rs 75-80 crore but the success of Kabir Singh has changed things for him.

"I got very emotional. I felt very thankful and I thought I don't deserve it because it did too well. If you are used to your films earning Rs 70-80 crore and suddenly one film earns Rs 270 crore, you feel like it has happened to you. You can't take ownership of it,” he said in his interview with an entertainment portal.

Way to go Shahid!