Shahid goes shirtless in 'Kaminey'
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Shahid goes shirtless in 'Kaminey'

He went through advanced training for 8 months to build body

Every time an A-list actor builds his body much noise is made about how he got his six and eight packs.

We did not hear much about it, so we were rather surprised to see Shahid Kapur sporting a shirtless look and a chiseled body on a poster of his latest film "Kaminey".

Shahid is playing a double role in the film, and the body is for the character of Charlie, who needs to look tough, mean and strong.

Apparently, Shahid went through advanced training for almost eight months to get this physique. He trained for two hours a day, five days a week.
According to his trainer Abbas Ali, the focus was on form, speed and power. "For a running shot in 'Kaminey' where Shahid had to run shirtless, my aim was to make him look like a sprinter, not an actor," he said.

Shahid is a strict vegetarian, so the diet required to build the physique was a challenge.

"We followed a diet of high carbs, moderate proteins and moderate good fats. We removed maida [flour] from his diet and gave him muesli, oats and protein shakes. He was not allowed any sugar and oil. He had to eat at the right time and in right combinations," said Abbas.

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