Shah Rukh Khan's Films That We Secretly Loved - And Hated: Masala! Unpopular Opinions
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Shah Rukh Khan's Films That We Secretly Loved - And Hated: Masala! Unpopular Opinions

Shah Rukh Khan has long been the king of Bollywood. Here, Team Masala! dishes out their most unpopular opinions about Bollywood's favorite hero.

Shah Rukh Khan's films have always inspired severe reactions. People either absolutely love his films or absolutely hate his films. In this week's Masala! Unpopular Opinion segment, we talk about the various films that have been loved by audiences and trashed by critics. However, not every critic necessarily has to align with each other's opinions. Even as audiences, tastes differ and why one viewer may like one film and the other may completely hate it also subject to the film itself. In this video you'll see different people liking different films of Shah Rukh Khan for different reasons and hating them for different reasons too.

Ram Jaane:

Erum Iqbal from Team Masala! loved Ram Jaane despite the bizarre fashion sense and how Shah Rukh Khan was a straight up 'gunda' in the film.


Shraddha D'Souza loved Ra-One because she found it 'adorable' and also loved Kareena Kapoor Khan in the film.


Lekha Menon loved Mohabbatein for its wonderful silliness. She also loved Uday Chopra!


Sara Sarwar loved Fan because she thought it was a very intelligent movie and people were not expecting Shah Rukh Khan to do an intelligent film.


Mahwash Ajaz kind of liked Zero and said people were a bit too harsh with it. She enjoyed the first half of the film and would watch it again.

In the video, the team also discusses the Rohit Shetty and Deepika Padukone film done with Shah Rukh Khan, Chennai Express (previously dissected in another video by Team Masala!) and Jab Harry Met Sejal, the Imtiaz Ali romantic comedy starring Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma and how it was promoted heavily but was unable to live the hype. There were also divided opinions about Raees, the 2017 flick where Shah Rukh Khan played a gangster. The team also discusses how Salman Khan sticks to his genre, Aamir Khan experiments and usually succeeds whereas Shah Rukh Khan has mostly been unlucky with his films. Watch the full video here.

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