Shah Rukh Khan: Top Tweets by the Bollywood Superstar that Reveal His Wit and Sense of Humour

Shah Rukh Khan: Top Tweets by the Bollywood Superstar that Reveal His Wit and Sense of Humour

Shah Rukh Khan has a knack for keeping his fans happily engaged on Twitter. Here is a compilation of the Bollywood superstar’s wittiest tweets.

Shah Rukh Khan is undoubtedly one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities, even on social media, with 38.5 million followers on Twitter and 17.7 million followers on Instagram. His regular updates on Twitter often reveal his good sense of humour and keep his fans entertained even when he is away from the silver screen. The superstar, who last appeared in Zero in December 2019, is on a break from acting and enjoying quality time with his family, as evident from his Instagram updates. Shah Rukh often responds to questions from his fans, using the hashtag #AskSRK.  Check out some of his witty responses below. For fans missing the star’s presence onscreen, here’s a roundup of his funniest tweets:

When a fan visiting India asked when he was going to meet her, he responded, “Oh oh yeh to Visa lene se pehle fix karna tha!! Disorganised you...!!”

When asked about his elder son, Aryan Khan’s girlfriend, the star quickly replied, “We keep our girlfriends to ourselves!!!”

Another fan requested help with asking someone out and SRK, who has a very large female following, said knowingly, “If I ask she won't go with you....ha ha.”

When questioned about his secrets for looking cool, Shah Rukh said, “U mean apart from photoshop??? Ha ha”

Another Twitter follower mentioned how he had loved SRK’s film Baazigar and how his grandchildren were now enjoying his movie Fan. Shah Rukh responded, “We both got old really fast!”

When a fan wanted to kiss his dimples, Shah Rukh said jokingly, “No today. Am at home. Dimples booked by family already.”

Asked about the tattoo on his chest, SRK said. “Have inscribed my name school name and the standard I study in . In case I get lost on a school picnic trip.”

A fan even proposed to the star on Twitter, to which he said, “Marry marry....doesn't anybody want to be 'friends' anymore??!!”

Along with keeping his fans engaged on social media, Shah Rukh Khan has been busy being the voice of Mufasa in The Lion King’s Hindi version, released on 19th July. His son, Aryan Khan, lent his voice to the main character Simba, Mufasa’s son, and sounds exactly like Shah Rukh. The Bollywood superstar thanked everyone for their appreciation on Twitter and commented on the similarity: “Young Lions don’t tweet so on behalf of Simba #AryanKhan I want to thank u all for appreciating his effort. Also thx to @disneyfilmindia & the team at Sound & Vision (Mona & Mayur gang) & doesn’t his voice sound a bit familiar? Or is it just me?”

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