Shah Rukh Khan on Sexual Harassment: "Just See What We've Reduced Ourselves To"

Shah Rukh Khan on Sexual Harassment: "Just See What We've Reduced Ourselves To"

The superstar opens up about the issue
Shah Rukh Khan on Sexual Harassment: "Just See What We've Reduced Ourselves To"

Shah Rukh Khan

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Shah Rukh has shared his own perspective o0n the sexual harassment issue by saying that he always ensures women are treated with dignity on his sets.
The star who is known for his chivalrous attitude, says nobody has dared to misbehave with a woman when he is around. Shah Rukh, who was feted with a Crystal Award at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos along with Hollywood celebrities Cate Blanchett and Elton John, spoke to BBC World News at length on gender equality in Bollywood and the cultural differences in India.

"At a level when I'm making films or working in films, we are very clear about the attitude to women. Even the smallest aspects, of the names coming first in title, which is not going to do anything, but the kind of respectability. Even this small thing needs to be done just to bring about the equality... Just see what we've reduced ourselves to. You know, to put a girl's name in front just to show what little guys we are, thinking of them as equals. And that is sad and that is strangely dichotomous when you're talking about creativity, and you have boys and girls working together. I have never personally, first hand and nobody, if I may say, nobody dared misbehave with a woman on my set, I am very clear on that," Shah Rukh said as per a transcript of the interview that was provided to IANS by BBC.

Though he didn't comment directly on the Padmaavat controversy but he hinted at the issue when he said people are expressing themselves all the more on social media. He said, “there will be dissent for everything and I think, like you would also believe and we all believe, there has to be a discussion on it. So, when you have a story and you know when you go out sometimes, there's dissent, but as a filmmaker, as a citizen of a country and the world, you know when there's dissent, can we just have a little bit of discussion about it and sort it out instead of you know taking standoff positions... So it is possible. Because of social media, whenever a certain thing, when small factions or fractions of things happen now, they seem a little bigger. But the beauty of all this is that within all this trolling and anger and people expressing themselves, they're all also connecting.... Just see it on social media. I don't see it live anywhere and I would be wrong to comment on it that way, but I think if you have this kind of dissent or whatever if people claim it, I think just a bit of discussion especially, finally, if it's not going to be inclusive, everybody will suffer. But I think we're not at that stage at all in our country," he added.

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