Shah Rukh Khan Meets Mystery Woman in Dubai!
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Shah Rukh Khan Meets Mystery Woman in Dubai!

In a new video Shah Rukh Khan meets a mysterious woman in a Dubai souk and it leaves him puzzled. Watch video

Whenever Shah Rukh Khan is in Dubai, there is always a massive excitement. His visitdubai campaigns are nothing short of goosebumps.

In this new video that is shared by Shah Rukh Khan on his Instagram is just as exciting.

Shah Rukh Khan is seen walking around Souk Madinat when he meets a mysterious lady who hands him a covered box.

“So I was at the Souk Madinat, enjoying a nice quiet day by myself.  A lady walked up to me and said 'Hadiya Min Dubai, Iktashifha'.”

“A Dubai holiday, filled with the most epic adventures... Join me as I return to my favourite city. But this time, on a thrilling quest! #BeMyGuest,” posted Shah Rukh.

Shah Rukh repeats the sentence (Hadiya Min Dubai Iktahshifha) which we assume means ‘A gift from Dubai, come discover’. The covered box is gold and it leaves Shah Rukh puzzled.

In the next few days, we hope, Shah Rukh Khan will discover the hidden secrets of Dubai and find out what this box holds.
Shah Rukh Khan has always received a lot of love in Dubai since he has a global fan following that is concentrated in Dubai. Fans from India, Pakistan and all around the world who live in UAE, have always loved Shah Rukh Khan and his visits to Dubai.

Shah Rukh Khan’s last film, Zero, had promotions in Dubai. Here Shah Rukh Khan met with a massive fan presence in Global Village as he danced with the troupe onstage. He has a home in Dubai in more ways than one, as he and the family own a home at Palm Jumeirah.

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