Shah Rukh Khan is the Richest Celebrity in The World!

A report in a leading self-improvement blog states that King Khan is ahead of Hollywood celebs too!
Shah Rukh Khan is the Richest Celebrity in The World!
Shah Rukh Khan

In a latest report, Shah Rukh Khan has emerged as the richest celebrity in the world. "Shah Rukh Khan is an Indian actor from New Delhi. He is mostly known as “The King of Bollywood”. With his 80 Hindi movies, he has received plenty of awards for his performances. Today, Shah Rukh Khan is the richest actor in the world, with Shah Rukh Khan’s net worth estimated at $750 million dollars in 2018," says the report from WealthyGorilla.

Here's the list of the other actors who have made it to the list. It is interesting to note that the actor Brad Pitt who was giving Shah Rukh competition even a few years ago, now features in the bottom of the list.

Yes, Amitabh Bachchan also features in the list and he is at number four.

There are no other Indian actors in the list. Here is the complete list.

1. Shah Rukh Khan

2. Tom Cruise

3. George Clooney

4. Amitabh Bachchan

5. Mel Gibson

6. Jack Nicholson

7. Sylvester Stallone

8. Jackie Chan

9. Clint Eastwood

10. Tom Hanks

11. Michael Douglas

12. Mary-Kate and Ashley

13. Adam Sandler

14. Mia Wasikowska

15. Will Smith

16. Robert Downey Jr.

17. Scott Speedman

18. Paget Brewster

19. Leonardo DiCaprio

20. Brad Pitt