Shah Rukh Khan Has Befitting Replies for His #AskSRK Session on Twitter
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Shah Rukh Khan Has Befitting Replies for His #AskSRK Session on Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan is considered one of the most successful actors in the history of Hindi Cinema. He has worked in all mediums from theatre to television to film

Shah Rukh Khan will always remain the Badshah of Bollywood no matter what he does and where he goes. Despite taking a backseat from the films these days. Shah Rukh Khan is the first person who comes to mind when one thinks of the word stardom. The actor is larger than life and is a phenomenon that took the entire world by storm. What sets Shah Rukh Khan apart from his contemporary is his connection with his fans and his sharp wit. The superstar often interacts with his fans on Twitter and comes up with quirkiest comebacks.

Today Shah Rukh Khan decided to come online and suggest his fans ask him questions so that he could reply to them. This was a moment of great joy for the fans and soon the actor’s Twitter timeline was flooded with questions of all sorts. Soon #AskSRK started trending on Twitter.

Shah Rukh Khan told a fan that he was working on his next project and waiting for the script to come right.

When a fan asked SRK if he had a surprise for his fans on his birthday, the Badshah wittily said that he kept getting younger every year and this was surprising enough.

Shah Rukh Khan has fans all over the world. He told a Malaysian fan that he missed Malaysia.

A fan asked the kind of movie SRK was interested in making. He clearly stated ‘the hit kind’ hinting at his previous box office failures.

Shah Rukh Khan said that he might do a film with his son Abram.

New Zealand, Austria, Nepal... Shah Rukh Khan has fans in every part of the world.

Shah Rukh Khan urged his fans to practice kindness and politeness.

A fan researched for Shah Rukh Khan’s parents’ pictures and the star could not be happier.

He passed his love for the fans’ children.

For Shah Rukh Khan, love is life.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most articulate speakers in the industry. He mentioned his new series of TED talks.

You can never go wrong with Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and sarcasm.

He was all praise for Joaquin’s performance in the film ‘Joker.’

Shah Rukh Khan is a strong supporter of women's empowerment. He appreciated happy girls.

A person taunted at Ra-One’s business and no one could have a better comeback than King Khan himself.

A fan mentioned how both she and her mother liked him. SRK wittily said that they should teach their children the same.

Shah Rukh Khan mentioned of his non-existent routine.

When a fan asked him to do a Tamil film, Shah Rukh Khan took a dig at himself.

Black coffee is Shah Rukh Khan’s favorite breakfast.

He attributed the reason for his positivity to his thick hair.

Shah Rukh Khan is not only a delight to watch on screen but he is also an absolute pleasure when it comes to the interviews or the spontaneous tweets. The actor is highly intelligent and has always beaten everyone with his eloquence. People like Shah Rukh Khan are born once and can never be created. No matter he does Ra-One or Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, he will always be THE Shah Rukh Khan, the king of romance and the heartbeat of India.

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