Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali React to the Flak They Received for Jab Harry Met Sejal

Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali React to the Flak They Received for Jab Harry Met Sejal

Here's what they had to say in defence of their film!
Shah Rukh Khan and Imtiaz Ali React to the Flak They Received for Jab Harry Met Sejal

Imtiaz Ali

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Bollywood is anything but conventional. Expecting the unexpected is a norm in the industry and the release of Imtiaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal, proved just that. While fans expected to be awed by the Shah Rukh Khan- Anushka Sharma love story, many were left disappointed with the lack in substance.

The film received a lot of flak from critics and audiences, with many questioning director, Imtiaz Ali’s filmmaking excellence. Box office collections weren’t impressive, and the film failed to make the impact it aimed to create. Unexpected right?

In response to all the criticism, Imtiaz Ali, at a recent press conference said, “I am sure that a lot of people do not think that Jab Harry Met Sejal is an intellectual masterpiece, but I did not intend it to be one.” He went on to explain, “Some said you really need to be intelligent to understand an Imtiaz Ali film. For me that was a blow. I feel that I have never been part of any intelligent club. I wanted to make a very simple film with all my heart...I have not made this film for praise. You know I would like to be the director who can make different kinds of films. This one is made to reach the maximum number of people. Not to just get praise for myself.”

The directors’ last film, Tamasha, was widely appreciated but didn’t manage to make a big impact on audiences, with many not being able to fully grasp the storyline. When quizzed about Imtiaz Ali’s film, Shah Rukh Khan was quoted saying, “I have always believed the film should go beyond the subject and create some magic. I also believe people come with preconceived notion that they have seen already.” Further speaking on behalf of Imtiaz, King Khan said, “I think sometimes the bigger feeling is to try something new. I have been in the business long enough to try a formula film and to try a film with no formula. Succeeded and failed at both. So, I understood that I can’t even try to recreate the magic. This one has a new magic. It’s a new trick. Maybe just the newness of it is going to take some time for people to understand the magic of the film. Working with Imtiaz was quite magical.”

The low box office collections for the film marked Shah Rukh Khan’s lowest 1st weekend in 5 years! Have you watched the film yet? What did you think about it?