Shah Rukh gets a new home
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Shah Rukh gets a new home

He is said to have bought property in Delhi

After Mannat, his posh house in Mumbai, Shah Rukh Khan is now believed to have bought himself a plush home in his and wife Gauri's hometown, New Delhi.And that too close to his in-laws' residence.

Shah Rukh has wanted to buy himself a big permanent home in Delhi for a while now. But he couldn't find something that both he and Gauri could agree on. But finally he has found himself an area in Panchsheel Park, which he will develop to his liking. It's also very close to Gauri's parents' home.

Although the details are still sketchy, the source says that it is a recent purchase.

"Gauri always wanted her kids to have a connect with her home town as well," adds the source.

Panchsheel Park is one of the posh areas of South Delhi and the city's elite live there in palatial bungalows.

Shah Rukh grew up in Old Delhi and he still owns his original home that he shared with his mother and sister. It has now been turned into a working women's hostel.

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