‘Shabana Azmi Will Be Home Soon’: Javed Akhtar Gives an Update
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‘Shabana Azmi Will Be Home Soon’: Javed Akhtar Gives an Update

Shabana Azmi had met with an accident a few days ago but she is now recuperating and will be fine, said her husband Javed Akhtar

Shabana Azmi’s  anxious  relatives  friends and well-wishers  can breathe  a sigh  of relief. The  distinguished actress and fearless activist  is  recovering  fast  from the road accident  that  she met with on  Saturday. The  injuries were   never “grievous” and she was  never  “critical”, as  reported in the more melodramatic sections of  the  press.

Now she is  well on the way  to recovery, and Shabana  will soon be discharged from  the Kokilabehn Dhirubhai Ambani hospital where she  has been recuperating  since Saturday. Javed Akhtar  sounded distinctly  upbeat on Wednesday morning when I  inquired  about Shabana’s health.

“There is good news. All tests  and medical reports  including  the MRI are  positive.  No  serious harm was done. We we can all breathe  a sigh  of relief,” says  Javed. Shabana  should be  home in a couple of days.

A few days ago, Shabana Azmi had met with a serious accident on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway when her car rammed into a truck. Her car driver was then arrested for rash and negligent driving.

Shabana Azmi’s next screen appearance in the Steven Spielberg-produced Halo

Shabana Azmi’s next screen appearance in the Steven Spielberg-produced Halo

On the work front, Shabana Azmi’s next screen appearance  in  the Steven Spielberg-produced  Halo which  is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, having sold more than 77 million copies since its initial release in 2001. The series comes from Showtime, Amblin Television and Microsoft. Halo, which Showtime has described as its "most ambitious series ever," is set to begin production in Budapest in the fall.

Apart  from  our own  Shabana,  Natascha McElhone, Shabana Azmi Bokeem Woodbine, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac and Kate Kennedy  have signed on to the drama based on the mega-popular video game franchise, which will dramatize the conflict between humanity and an alien race known as the Covenant in the 26th century.

Pablo Schreiber, plays the iconic Master Chief role. McElhone (Designated Survivor, Californication) will play Cortana, the most advanced AI in human history who may be the key to the survival of the human race.

Shabana Azmi  plays Admiral Margaret Parangosky, the head of the Office of Naval Intelligence. She  completed  one long schedule  of  Halo in Budapest earlier this  month and rushed back to Mumbai for  Javed Saab’s  birthday celebrations. The accident happened a day after his birthday.

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