Shabana Azmi Slams Cannes Fashion Parade!

The veteran actress is upset about the focus on fashion instead of films at the film festival
Shabana Azmi Slams Cannes Fashion Parade!

Veteran actress and theatre personality Shabana Azmi is upset that fashion has become the mainstay of the Cannes Film Festival. The Bollywood actress points out that the focus is being diverted away from film and cinema and the red carpet event has not turned into a fashion parade!

The actress took to the social micro-blogging site and tweeted:

In an article published in, the actress shared some of her earlier memories and experiences of the Cannes Film Festival during the '70s when her film Nishant was featured at the fesitval. She tweeted, "When v went 2 Cannes with Nishant in competition v only had 8USD each n publicity material didn't turn up. Shyam Benegal thot up a strategy,” she posted. The film, directed by Shyam Benegal, traced life of a school teacher and his wife with hints of the exploitation due to zamindari (landlord) system.

 “He made Smita P n me parade in Kanjivaram saris from 8am! Ven ppl lookd at us curiously v wud rush n say pls watch our film! V had a fullhouse (sic),” the actress wrote.