Shabana Azmi Sees Gender Equality As The Road To Progress

Shabana Azmi Sees Gender Equality As The Road To Progress

Shabana Azmi feels no nation can develop without equal rights for men and women
Shabana Azmi Sees Gender Equality As The Road To Progress
Shabana Azmi

In December last year, B-town starlet Dia Mirza took it upon herself to address the issue of genderinequality in Indian cinema. Slamming patriarchy in the film industry, the Salaam Mumbai actor urged women to stand up for their rights, irrespective of the field they are working in. Fast forward six months and veteran actor Shabana Azmi has followed suit. Echoing Mirza’s sentiments, Azmi too feels that equal opportunities should be given to both men and women, for a nation to be able to prosper.

The activist was speaking on the sidelines of the Inner Wheel Impact Awards 2019, at a sessionorganised for the empowerment of weaker sections in society. Giving reference to the charity work she has been doing in her hometown, Mijwan, Azmi added, "We should help women become self-sufficient and stand on their own feet. No matter what field they are in. Our nation can only develop itself when there is gender equality.”

On the same occasion, Azmi was all praises for her late father and literary legend Kaifi Azmi. Lauding him for living a life full of optimism, she stated, “He has been witness to different eras, but never once he lost his faith and that I think was his strength. Also, the defeat of an artist is the defeat of the society because they are the people who carry forward the hope of others.” She spoke highly of her father helping the marginalised factions of Indian society. "Kaifi always used to think of himself as a worker".

What he talked about in his poetry, he did that in reality too,” Azmi concluded. The panel discussion was followed by the screening of the documentary, Kaifinaama, directed by Sumantra Ghoshal. Earlier, superstar Shah Rukh Khan also condemned the gender pay disparity in Bollywood, urging women to take a stand for themselves.