Shaan Shahid Meets Trouble After ‘Hate-Mongering’ Tweet
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Shaan Shahid Meets Trouble After ‘Hate-Mongering’ Tweet

Shaan Shahid gets schooled after ‘inciting violence’ when attributing a quote to Muslim emperor Salahuddin Ayyubi

Actor Shaan Shahid has gotten himself in a bit of trouble for ‘inciting violence’ after he tweeted a quote attributed to the chivalrous Muslim emperor Salahuddin Ayyubi.

“Kill traitors before your enemies,” the quote read.

Of course the tweet didn’t go down with many users, one of which immediately responded saying, “What is the meaning of this tweet? Looks like an open incitement to violence. Extremely irresponsible and frightening given the current context,” it read.

Shaan didn’t sit back and responded immediately, saying, “It’s said by Salauddin Ayoubi not by captain Ayubi. Please stop matching it with your own conspiracy theory. So, if I quote anything you will paste it as a current scenario opinion. It is not just quoting history.”

It didn’t end there. Nida Kirmani once again responded, questioning “Why are you tweeting this at this particular moment? Please act responsibly. Artists should be voices for peace.”

The Twitter exchange between the two garnered attention from other users who responded to Shaan’s tweet with much sarcasm.

 “When Shaan Shahid and Veena Malik Khan are the latest warriors of the 5th Generation Warfare, you know you have lost the war already,” a user shared.

“It’s high time, goofy hate mongers like Shaan Shahid and Veena Malik just stick to selling housing society plots,” the tweet continued.

“I wonder why Shaan keeps forgetting about his father’s struggle & progressive cinema. In the 70’s his late father Riaz Shahid, a renowned socialist film maker, journalist was a thorn in the eyes of establishment. He was labelled a traitor by Jamat-e-Islami,” another user penned.

Similar tweets made their way to the Twitter exchange and Shaan Shahid was definitely schooled for the tweet. This is not the first time Shaan has been trolled on social media. The actor once appealed to fellow Pakistanis to sell their dollars and buy local currency instead, and that didn’t sit well with many.

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