Selena Gomez’s New Album, Rare, Hints at Relationships with Justin Bieber, The Weeknd

Selena Gomez’s New Album, Rare, Hints at Relationships with Justin Bieber, The Weeknd

Selena Gomez has been making a lot of headlines lately as the singer revealed her latest album called Rare

Selena Gomez is soaring high on the release of her latest album Rare and is currently also making headlines across the world after her explosive interview with WSJ Magazine. In the interview, she spoke about her mental health and prioritizing it, her love life and why doesn’t really need a man now and the upcoming year that she is looking forward to. While the singer might have opened up on a lot of things, many are speculating that Rare is an ode to her breakup with exes Justin Bieber and The Weeknd – both of whom she has dated in the past.

According to the Vulture, Selena’s album points to her newfound clarity on relationships, but also reveals details about her past relationships. In Look at Her Now, Selena is telling the fairytale version of her life. In third person, she describes the end of her relationship with Justin. Every lyric in the song points to Justin adding that the she came out of the relationship even stronger. Even if she can’t fully associate herself with the progress the singer, in her personal life, is coming out much stronger than before. So kudos to her for that! Once again, in Lose You to Love Me, she mourns her relationship with Justin, but doesn’t regret ending it all. There are so many references in the song to their love that it deserved its own investigation.

On the other hand, Vulnerable sounds like a song by The Weeknd. While that’s subjective, the lyrics are very vague. However, throughout the song, Selena questions her lover, asking if they have what it takes to be with her. It could also refer to both Selena and the Weeknd’s previous bad breakups and relationships. And then, by the end of the song, the singer decides that the love is worth the risk. But at least that now what she feels about Justin anymore -  which is also a good thing, since he looks like he is now happily married to supermodel Hailey Baldwin.

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