See: Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul’s adorable newborn baby

See: Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul’s adorable newborn baby

The Bollywood couple shared an image of their baby boy on Instagram

Summet Vyas and wife of two years Ekta Kaul have welcomed their first child into the world on June 3rd and shared the first picture of him on social media this week.

Both parents shared the same image of baby Ved sleeping on his mother’s chest. The Mere Angne Mein show actress wrote, “Being a mother isn’t an easy job but it’s definitely the best job one could ever have.. And there’s no greater honour, love and blessing.”

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The husband and wife who are both actors, tied the knot on September 15 2018 in Jammu. They had decided to name their son after Summet’s family. Speaking to the Mumbai Mirror Sumeet said, “Long ago, one of our relatives was having a child and we were discussing names, when Ved came up it stayed with me. I decided if I have a boy, I’ll name him Ved. Since we come from the line of Ved Vyas, it makes sense.”​

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