Security Around Salman Khan Increases After MAJOR Death Threat

Security Around Salman Khan Increases After MAJOR Death Threat

The actor is protected by maximum police security! Read all about it here
Security Around Salman Khan Increases After MAJOR Death Threat

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After a death threat from a gangster, the Mumbai police has decided to increase Salman Khan's security to the "maximum", a source confirmed. The upgrade will ensure that Salman is secure at all times, at any cost. Khan also has a posse of bodyguards guarding him apart from his most trusted shadow-man, Shera.

The Mumbai Police said that they received information from the Special Task Force (STF) of Haryana police that gangster Sampat Nehra was working on killing the star. The gangster was recently arrested by the Haryana Police and is currently lodged in jail.
As per the Haryana Police, the gangster had performed a recce of the actor’s movements and was planning to execute the murder over the past few months. The gangster was arrested in Hyderabad and is a sharpshooter with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang of Rajasthan reported Hindustan Times.

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang had threatened to kill the star over the Black Buck case in January and is one of the most notorious gangs of Rajasthan.  They have a number of cases registered against them in the Punjab and Haryana belt too. A senior police official from Mumbai Police confirmed to Mid-day newspaper that they have beefed up police cover around Salman Khan’s home in Bandra west. In a statement, he said, “We have enhanced the overall security of Salman Khan. Police will be present around his apartment to make sure no nefarious activity is done by the gang from Rajasthan.”

The official also added to Mid-Day newspaper that no personal bodyguards have been provided to the star as yet as they are still assessing the threat perception.

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