Sean Penn Charges People for Selfies with Him, Find Out Why!

Sean Penn Charges People for Selfies with Him, Find Out Why!

Sean Penn is one of the many celebrities who have always lent a supporting hand to people affected by natural disasters

It’s no surprise that celebrities can be a huge influence when it comes to spreading a little more positivity in the society and bringing in a ray of hope in the lives of people who may not have a lot to look up to. Recently, many Hollywood stars spoke up on climate change which has become a world epidemic, to become worse with time as others spoke about the Australian bushfires as a result of climate change. Many were quick to send donations to the people and animals affected by the catastrophe, however, actor Sean Penn has a rather different style in raising funds.
More than 10 years after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti and left about 100,000 dead and nearly a million people displaced, Sean hosted the tenth anniversary CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) gala to raise funds for international disaster relief in Los Angeles. But what did he say he would do? Like fans who flock to their favourite celebrities to click a selfie, Sean shared that he would now charge for them and use the money to provide relief efforts to the people affected by the earthquake, reported Variety. Isn’t that amazing?
Sean said, “We’re not here tonight because we want your help, we’re here tonight because we need your help. When the next disaster strikes, you might be in a place, a living room perhaps, maybe playing with your children. You might turn on the television and see people in great anguish. I’d like that when you see CORE on the ground, that you feel your feet in those boots. So, that’s what we’re asking of you tonight. Ten years of experience at this event tells me that sometimes people like to take selfies, and I am so uncomfortable with that. But for the rest of the night, I am anxious to do it. We’ll go $5,000 a pop. So, bring your cheque-book if you’re talking to me.”

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