Scoop: Is there a Rift Between Cousins Farhan Akhtar and Farah Khan?

What or who may be responsible for the alleged differences between Farhan Akhtar and Farah Khan?
Scoop: Is there a Rift Between Cousins Farhan Akhtar and Farah Khan?
Farhan Akhtar and Farah Khan

Relationships in Bollywood are always fragile. Be it friends, lovers or relatives, a single incident is enough to change the equation between people. The latest example is that of celebrity cousins Farhan Akhtar and Farah  Khan, who it appears, are friends no more.  Close pals since their childhood, the twosome have lately begun to cold-shoulder one another. The reason? The # MeToo allegations against  Farah’s brother Sajid Khan.

Apparently, after women called out Sajid for his alleged misconduct and Sajid was sacked from his directorial duties of Housefull 4, his sister Farah, naturally upset over the manner in which her family affairs had panned out, expected some support from her celebrity cousins.

“Not that Farah expected Farhan to speak in Sajid’s support. But being family, it was expected that Farhan and Zoya could perhaps stand with Farha in this hour of crisis. Or so Farah believed.  Instead, Farhan criticized  Sajid’s conduct on Twitter,” says a source in the know. What’s worse, Farhan allegedly threw a party in the same week when these ugly allegations were levelled at her brother. “That really hurt. As things stand now, Farhan’s family has dissociated itself completely from Farah and her brother, and if Farhan gets re-married this year, you’re unlikely to see Farah at the wedding,” says the friend.

In Farhan’s defence, it can be said that the actor-director, who has always been supportive of women’s rights and been vocal about violence against women, couldn’t be seen condoning Sajid’s behaviour in any way. There was plenty of social media pressure on him and other A-listers too, to speak up against the alleged perpetrators. But that has obviously made a dent on his family relations.

We hope Farhan and Farah will sort out their differences and co-host their birthday together as they have been doing all these years except this year. The two celebrate their birthdays on two consecutive days in January. This year they celebrated separately.