SCO Hydro-Facial: What's It All About?

SCO Hydro-Facial: What's It All About?

A machine that hastens your journey to great skin
SCO Hydro-Facial: What's It All About?

Beauty is best achieved naturally – a fact that perhaps most women would agree with. Of course, who wouldn’t want sparkling skin, shiny hair and a smooth complexion without too much effort or by slathering on a hundred products? But as they say, what’s got to be done, got to be done!

Now the big question – how do you select the right products for your skin? How long do you experiment? More importantly, what i   s the right way to ensure your skin remains healthy always? The answer, according to Sakshi Nath, founder of the quaint Queens Salon in Dubai Marina, is fairly simple – do the basics right, invest in good quality products and then take some help from machines if needed!

This is what the SCO Hydro-facial is all about. Treating the skin with the sensitivity it deserves, it uses the Hydracool machine – a large, white, slightly intimidating looking device that would seem to be more appropriate at a doctor’s clinic than at a beauty salon – to give your skin the much-needed boost of freshness.

The facial begins like any other with the application of cleansing milk but this one had olive and castor bean. Here is where the usage of the right products comes into play. Shirely Conlon is the go-to name when it comes to pure, organic skin care range and all products used in this facial belong this Dubai-based brand that has made quite a splash.

The cleansing is followed by the application of a scrub to remove dead skin and then the Hydracool is used on the face to aid oxygenation and hydration. You may feel a slightly prickly sensation when the white tip (part of the machine) is run on your face, used for contouring and lifting the skin. A rolling pin like device is further rubbed that helps the products penetrate the skin. According to the expert therapist, it’s useful for lines, wrinkles and reduction of redness and acne marks! Generally, the Hydracool machine is used for skin and hair though at this salon, it was meant only for the face.  Around five minutes of this machine on your skin helps tackle early signs of wrinkles, minimise pores and give the complexion a healthy glow.

Of course, none of it is a foolproof method to gain glowing skin but this treatment twice a month works considerably to smoothen the complexion. A few organic products like evening oils and morning creams will only hasten the journey towards the skin of your dreams. 

And as they say, isn’t healthy skin the best makeup?

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