Scandal Flashback: Vindoo Dara Singh and Farha's Volatile Relationship

Scandal Flashback: Vindoo Dara Singh and Farha's Volatile Relationship

Anger, jealousy and fragile egos shook the foundation of a relationship once based on love and trust

Vindoo and Farha’s romance began on the sets of a film. While they were attracted to each other, their relationship was far from easy. With baggage from their past loves weighing them down and each other’s rather difficult personalities to deal with, there was plenty of fodder for tabloids to feed on when it came to this tumultuous twosome. In addition to their volatile chemistry, Vindoo was said to have a roving eye which made matters worse. Despite their differences, Farha was adamant that she wanted to marry Vindoo.

Scandal Flashback: Vindoo Dara Singh and Farha's Volatile Relationship

Scandal Flashback: Vindoo Dara Singh and Farha's Volatile Relationship

Vindoo Dara Singh and Farha (Tabu’s elder sister) were inseparable! They were in love and proudly displayed it. Their public displays of affection sometimes embarrassed all those around them – such was the chemistry they shared. The duo got hitched and had a son, Fateh. However, in their case, the seven-year itch proved to be real. Anger, jealousy and their egos shook the foundation of a relationship that was once based on love and trust.

LOVE WASN’T ENOUGH for the duo to be happily wed.
For starters, Farha’s mother didn’t approve of Vindoo (she had heard of his wild ways). Vindoo, at that point, didn’t have any career to speak of and was waiting for his maiden acting project Deewana Aashiq to take off. To top it all off Vindoo’s father Dara Singh was clear that his daughter-in-law should know how to cook and be domesticated and Farha’s skills in the kitchen were nothing to write home about.  

With Vindoo’s career in the doldrums, the couple’s marriage plans weren’t materialising and rumours were rife that Farha’s raging anger wasn’t helping matters. There was talk of them parting ways but love raised its head again. Story has it that Farha realised her love for Vindoo when he went to Arakonam (near Chennai) for some work, without informing her. What he thought would take two days got extended to a week. The area had no phone connectivity and Farha couldn’t reach him. Distance made their hearts grow fonder and both Farha and Vindoo realised that they couldn’t stay away from one another. In an interview Vindoo admitted, “actually, our egos are responsible for our innumerable fights.” He also realised that Farha really needed him and the only way to be with her was to marry her. He had said, “Farha is an insomniac, she can’t sleep and I hate leaving her alone. How long can we go on like this? We desperately felt the need to get married and be with each other round the clock.” 

ONCE THE DUO DECIDED to get hitched, things started getting better.
Farha’s mother shed her reservations about Vindoo and accepted him. Farha made sure that Dara Singh was impressed when she cooked chicken curry for him! Vindoo’s career wasn’t in great shape yet but Farha decided to overlook this tiny glitch. They opted for a civil marriage because they both belonged to different faiths. There was buzz that they were rushing the wedding because Farha was pregnant. Vindoo was quick to laugh off the rumours saying, “Not as far as I know.” Farha and Vindoo got married and started living in Dara Singh’s house. She chose a life of domesticity over that of an actress and took a break from films. After their son Fateh was born, they moved into an apartment in Lokhandwala in suburban Mumbai. 

By their seventh year of marriage, Vindoo and Farha started living separately from one another because of an alleged showdown. When a journalist interviewed Vindoo after his separation, he showed no sign of remorse and told her, “Life is too short. Don’t take it too seriously, enjoy it. With Farha, I had become a home bird, now I am a free bird.” When quizzed about the new woman in his life, Vindoo said that he didn’t have just one! He elaborated, “I had told Farha earlier, that if she left me for more than 15 days, that I would look around. It’s been nearly six months, so I have the license.” He also admitted that his ego prevented him from reconciling with Farha. He didn’t call her because she was the one who threw him out of the house. They had an argument and Farha packed her bags and left with her son, saying that she would only return when he wasn’t there. He apparently waited for her till the next day but she didn’t turn up. He said that he would have returned if she had called. By this time, Farha had started acting in movies again and it was alleged that she was involved with a married man, who was ready to leave his wife of many years to be with her. Farha rubbished the rumours stating that the man was like a brother and his wife, a friend. 

VINDOO’S PARENTS AND FARHA’S SISTER TABU tried to help the couple get back together but to no avail. There were plenty of reasons for their relationship deteriorating. Vindoo said that he tried to be a good husband and that he had listened to her and did everything that she asked of him. When quizzed about whether his non-existent career was a reason for the split, he clarified that it was Farha who didn’t want him to work and wanted him to be by her side always. He added that he only worked for fun because he was rich. However, a friend of Farha’s informed an entertainment magazine that Vindoo, despite boasting that he was enormously wealthy, hadn’t supported his son over the course of their separation. The couple was unfortunately unable to reconcile their differences and despite being in love for what seemed like forever, decided to get divorced amicably. Farha got custody of Fateh and Vindoo, it is said, looks after the well-being of Farha and his son. 

Scandal Flashback: Vindoo Dara Singh and Farha's Volatile Relationship

Vindoo Dara Singh: Vindu is currently married to Russian model, Dina Umarova and they have a daughter, Amelia. He played a few supporting roles in films and was the winner of Bigg Boss Season 3. He was recently implicated in cricket spot-fixing scams. A bookie caught by the Mumbai Police admitted that Vindoo was in constant touch with him. Vindoo was taken in and was jailed for 13 days before he was released. Vindoo now hates anything related to cricket.
Farha: Farha is married to actor Sumeet Saigal. She is now on good terms with Vindoo.

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