Scandal Flashback: Lara Dutta-Kelly Dorji-Dino Morea Love Triangle

Scandal Flashback: Lara Dutta-Kelly Dorji-Dino Morea Love Triangle

Rewinding to the times when Lara Dutta was in complicated relationships

Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorjee met each other during their modelling days. Kelly, who hailed from Bhutan, was already a Gladrags male model contest winner in the mid 90s when Lara was trying for a break in the glamour world. Friendship soon turned to love as Kelly even helped Lara establish herself in the industry. In an interview later the actress admitted that it was Kelly who supported her when she was a struggling model. Initially they did not accept that they were dating but after Lara entered the Miss India contests and subsequently won the Miss Universe title, they were quite open about their relationship and were even seen together at social dos. They chose to wear their hearts on their sleeve and back then were probably one of the few couples who were openly living together as well. Things took a tumultuous turn after Lara was crowned Miss Universe. She was constantly globe-trotting and was away from the country for almost a year. During this period their relationship hit a rough patch and she admitted, “Life and love can’t be roses all the time!”

Distance aside, what made things difficult during the time she was away was her link-ups to famous men, one of them being ace golfer, Tiger Woods. Back home, rumours were abuzz that Kelly was involved with Manisha Koirala and Dia Mirza. But Lara silenced all these rumours by lashing out, “I don’t expect my guy to change for me. Like it or not, a relationship is about compromises and adjustments. There’s no such thing as heaven. I’ve learned to take gossip about me in my stride. I’m not going to lose sleep over these trivial rumours. As long as my family and friends know what I’m doing, I don’t owe an explanation to the rest of the world.” She also added, “I don’t deny knowing Tiger Woods but sorry to disappoint you, there was no affair. In that one year, I spent only 20 days in New York; I had no time for myself. So how could I have even found five minutes for an affair?” She recalled those several months as the most difficult ones. In an interview with a monthly magazine, she said, “There has to be trust, especially in a long-distance relationship, but we’ve survived and we’re still together.” In 2003, Kelly opened a modelling school, The Suede Modeling Academy, where he trained upcoming models. Lara became a partner in the academy and all was good between them as they rediscovered their love for each other.

HOWEVER DESPITE THEIR BEST efforts, time and again, problems would crop up. After her Miss Universe stint, she entered Bollywood. Her debut film Andaaz with Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra was a big hit. As she slowly started gaining popularity, the same old issues of infidelity, insecurities and lack of time crept in. She conceded that given the way the industry worked, it was difficult to keep a relationship strong. In one of the interview she gave to a famous monthly, she said, “He (Kelly) is one of the most stable and secure men you could ever get. People tell me that any boyfriend of mine would die a thousand deaths every minute because of the kind of lifestyle I lead.” She also admitted that she was difficult, stubborn and strong-headed and Kelly held on despite their differences and insecurities. However, the tension between them was mounting. The more successful she became, the more her personal life started taking a backseat. Apparently, things then started turning ugly and the couple fought and argued regularly at their Bandra apartment. Kelly, who’d never attend social do without Lara, started making solo appearances. He was also gradually growing insecure of Lara being linked up with her co-stars like Abhishek Bachchan and friends revealed he hated accompanying her on the film sets as well. As time passed, the fights became more regular and they slowly started drifting apart. Adding to the problems was the fact that Kelly wasn’t really successful in the glamour industry. He tried his hand at acting but he was unsuccessful.

THE THIRD PERSON IN the love story was Dino Morea. Lara, Kelly and Dino were great friends and would hang out often. But soon there were rumours that Lara and Dino were getting closer to one another. In fact it was even said that it was the Lara-Dino friendship that eventually broke their relationship. Lara always denied being involved with Dino but insiders suggested otherwise. Once in an explosive interview, Kelly accused Dino of betraying him as a friend. While some reports suggested that Kelly and Lara had already broken off when she started to see Dino, others maintained that although they were separated, Lara and Kelly were very much in love and Dino stole Lara from Kelly. The truth behind this complicated triangle is best known to these three people. However, it is fairly certain that Kelly’s not-so-successful career and growing insecurities took a toll on the relationship. In July 2007, Kelly moved out from their shared Bandra apartment and rented an apartment in Versova, Mumbai. This was the final confirmation that they had split forever.

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