Scandal Flashback 2006: The Raveena-Anil-Natasha Feud!

Scandal Flashback 2006: The Raveena-Anil-Natasha Feud!

The gorgeous Raveena Tandon was fiercely possessive of those she loved. Perhaps that’s the reason she got into a catfight with her husband’s ex at a party years ago


Raveena Tandon: Actress
Anil Thadani: Film distributor and Raveena’s husband
Natasha Sippy: Anil’s ex-wife and producer Romu Sippy’s daughter


Raveena Tandon was a hugely popular star in the 90s. The masses loved her and films such as Daman: A victim of marital violence, Shool and Satta made her a critics’ favourite as well. Her personal life was under a lot of scrutiny and her relationships were much-discussed in the tabloids and magazines. After a few years at the top, Raveena went on to settle down with Anil Thadani in 2004 after a few months of courtship.  But soon after marriage, Raveena encountered some unpleasantness with Anil’s ex-wife Natasha Sippy. In a heated moment, Raveena threw a glass of grape at Natasha and the events that transpired next, created a history of its own!

IT ALL HAPPENED AT a New Year’s Eve party thrown by producer Ritesh Sidhwani (of Excel Entertainment) when the ladies created a scene in front of all the guests. A source from the party revealed, “It was a non-film bash and we were all enjoying ourselves. Ravs and Anil stuck to their group of college friends. But Natasha kept coming near the couple as if to attract Anil's attention. Finally, at about 4am Raveena went to get Anil, who was lying on the couch with his eyes shut, some food. When she came back she was shocked to see an intoxicated Natasha, sitting near Anil's feet with a guy, as if waiting for Anil to get up and notice them. That’s when she lost her cool and screamed at her, pouring a glass of bubbly down her head.” Others said the Mohra actress also threw some cuss words at Natasha in the heat of the moment.

Some witnesses from the party said that on spotting Natasha near Anil, Raveena apparently asked her to move away but she refused to budge. That’s when the actress lost her cool. There were also rumours that along with the drink, Raveena also threw the glass at Natasha, injuring her in the process.

The episode, naturally, sent shockwaves in the industry and the tabloids went to town with it. Natasha’s father, Romu Sippy (a well-known producer) was not very happy with what Raveena had done and condemned her actions. Anil, on the other hand, stood by his wife throughout the drama.

BUT WHAT MADE THE dignified and classy Raveena to behave this way? Sources said that Natasha’s attempt to get close to her husband was not the only reason for the outburst. People had questioned her decision to marry Anil because Natasha, allegedly, was spreading false rumours about them. This had almost discouraged Raveena’s near and dear ones from supporting the marriage. Natasha’s presence and subsequent closeness to Anil at the party only added to Raveena’s anger. After this incident, a war of words continued between the two ladies and reportedly, Raveena even threatened to sue Natasha and her father for passing comments about her!

BOLLYWOOD HAD A MIXED reaction to everything that happened. Many felt that instead of making a public show, Raveena should have opted for better judgement. However, this is what she had to say: “There's nothing between Anil and Natasha Sippy. Everything about Anil has to do with me and everything about me has to do with Anil. He and I are one.”

Raveena also showed no remorse for her actions. In her words, "And I don't regret what happened. My husband Anil is the purest, cleanest person after God and my father. I won't allow anyone to cast aspersions on him. Any insult to him is an insult to me. No one can sully my family and get away with it."

When she was asked why she didn’t opt for the legal route, Raveena said, “I did not have proof. Had I taken legal action, the person would have been trapped badly. My objective was to publicly humiliate and teach her a lesson and not spoil her life.” And she definitely taught her a lesson with her actions!

    On the other hand, Natasha who was at the receiving end of Raveena’s ire, had a different story to say. According to her, she never even knew Raveena and was not formally introduced to her. She also claimed that after the incident she was too shocked to react. However, later in an interview she said, “I had gone along with a group of friends to the New Year party at Ritesh Sidhwani’s place. I wasn’t even bothered about Anil and Raveena and was doing my own thing. I was with Ritesh’s cousin and since there were only two sets of sofas at the place, we decided to sit on one. Now if Raveena is so insecure that even if I am five feet close to her husband, she loses her cool, what can I say? She started yelling, ‘Throw that s#%t out of the party’! Then she threw a glass at me. I moved out but she continued with her yelling. Later, I realised that my finger was bleeding as the glass had cut my skin.”

She further added, “What happened with Anil was five years ago. We are mature adults and it was our marriage. It was entirely our problem and she has no business to talk about it. Her allegations are uncalled for and completely cooked up.” In fact, in Natasha’s opinion, she had got over Anil in every way, and she didn’t provoke anyone at the party. She claimed that she had no idea why Raveena had pulled this stunt on her!

The scandal created a huge buzz but in a way, it showed how fiercely Raveena protects her family. She has had a hugely successful marriage and is a loving mother to two kids now.


Raveena: Her last appearance was in the period film Bombay Velvet as a jazz singer, where she was appreciated even for her blink-and-miss appearance. Apparently she will next work on a film with director Onir and a biopic on Benazir Bhutto as well.

Anil: Anil is next distributing the film Baahubali with Karan Johar. He also acquired the distribution rights of Akshay Kumar’s Baby and Gabbar is Back. He is a good father to his kids Rasha and Ranbir Thadani.

Natasha: Not much is known of Natasha’s whereabouts, except that she is now based in United States. 

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