Scandal Flashback 1991-2014: Indecent Proposals

The casting couch and harassment of newcomers is nothing new to Bollywood. But while some instances made headlines, others were barely whispered about. We bring you some shocking revelations...
Scandal Flashback 1991-2014: Indecent Proposals

Manisha Koirala

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Raja Mukerji – Rani Mukerji’s brother and producer
Subhash Ghai – Filmmaker and producer
Irrfan Khan - Actor
Subhash Kapoor - Director
RANI MUKERJI’S BROTHER RAJA was arrested in Mumbai in October 2012 after a scriptwriter, Priya Mishra, accused him of molesting her. The police said that Priya, a small-time model and scriptwriter was working on a project and wanted to narrate it to Rani but she wasn’t able to get an appointment with the actress who was busy shooting for a new movie. Priya told the police that Rani asked her to contact her brother Raja and narrate the script to him. Priya allegedly met Raja at a pre-decided spot from where the latter took her to Four Bungalows in his car. While she was narrating the story, Raja allegedly misbehaved with her and even kissed her. When Priya mentioned this to her family, they decided to register an FIR against Raja. The Versova police (where the case was registered) then arrested Raja from his house in the wee hours of the morning and he was booked under the Indian Penal Code section 363 (kidnapping) and 354 (assault or criminal force with intent to outrage a woman’s modesty).
Sometime later, Raja was produced before a local court, which granted him bail on a personal bond of INR 10,000. While the veracity of the claims could not be proved, the entire episode was a huge embarrassment for the Mukerji family. 
SUBHASH GHAI WAS A mentor to Manisha Koirala after she debuted in his movie Saudagar. A romantic saga, Manisha became hugely appreciated for her performance in the film where she held her own against seasoned stars like Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar. But soon something went wrong between them. Rumour had it that Manisha Koirala had accused Subhash Ghai of indecent behaviour! 
Though Manisha didn’t quite go on record, the actress’ mother allegedly went around town complaining that the filmmaker had made unwanted advances towards her daughter. Some reports suggested that since Manisha’s mother wanted her daughter to be in the limelight she had resorted to spreading such a rumour. However, some sources suggested that the allegations were not entirely untrue. Apparently, Ghai had maintained a strong hold over Manisha’s socialising and made sure that she met only those people he approved of. Several times, Manisha’s mum would allegedly be asked to wait in her vanity van while Ghai held special meetings with Manisha. The actress, however, never said anything against the filmmaker and they apparently even patched up after some time. Interestingly, she didn’t work for his banner after the controversy. 
IRRFAN KHAN in 2001-2002
IRRFAN HAD JUST BEGUN to enjoy his success as a solo lead in Bollywood after the release of Paan Singh Tomar, when he found himself being accused of bad behaviour by small-time actress Mamta Patel! Mamta complained that an unidentified person threatened her over phone saying she would face consequences in case she continued to talk against acclaimed actor Irrfan. She later told the police that she thought these anonymous calls were made by Irrfan himself. Mamta has a forgetful scene in Paan Singh Tomar where she played the wife of a Colonel to whom Paan Singh (Irrfan) gives a packet of ice-cream. The actress felt she was exploited and told the police, “In anticipation of a meaty role in the film, as allegedly promised by Irrfan, I spent quality time with him on the outdoor shoot in Roorkee (near the Delhi-Hardwar highway). I was with the actor for almost 15 days but shot for only two scenes for the film. Later I was aghast to find that my role in Paan Singh Tomar was wrapped up within a couple of days. I wanted to expose this exploitation then but Irrfan assured me of post release publicity and said he would recommend me for roles in his future projects.”    
Incidentally, the Mumbai Police didn’t take the complaint of the actress too seriously and registered a non-cognizable offence under section 506 of the Indian Penal Code against Irrfan at the Juhu Police Station. People close to Irrfan say that this was only a desperate attempt by a wannabe actress to get cheap publicity. The actor himself refrained from replying to the allegations when the press tried to contact him.
SUBHASH KAPOOR, THE DIRECTOR of Jolly LLB was arrested after he was accused of molestation by actress Geetika Tyagi of Aatma and One By Two fame. In February 2014, the controversy emerged when Geetika Tyagi posted a 30-minute long video on YouTube suggesting that the Jolly LLB director sexually abused her during a confrontation in the presence of his wife, Dimple Kharbanda and director Atul Sabharwal (who happened to be Tyagi’s boyfriend). The video was apparently shot with a hidden camera. In the midst of a confrontation, Kapoor was seen saying that he was ashamed of what happened between the two, and was ready to face the consequences. His wife added that their lives were ruined because of the said event and her priority now was to safeguard her son. The video ended with Geetika slapping Subhash Kapoor.  
Geetika filed a complaint against the director alleging that he had tried to rape her two years ago, in 2012. The filmmaker was booked under sections 354 (outraging a woman’s modesty), 354 A (sexual harassment), 354 B (attempting to disrobe a woman) and 501 (defamation) of the Indian Penal Code. The police later arrested him and later released on bail.
In her interview to a newspaper, Geetika asserted, “It is gratifying to shame the perpetrator.” She further posted on a social media page saying, “After having waited for almost three months for Subhash Kapoor's arrest, having seen some of my so-called 'scared of going against the lobby' friends leaving me, blocking me, unfriending me, some going against me, having been questioned about my intentions and criticised for my actions, having been warned by the concerned colleagues about my career, having been advised by some seniors to stay quiet, having been threatened boycott, having heard 'men will be men' phrase over and over again and after having read some brilliant stories about my dark secrets, ugly past, casting couch, hunger for publicity… I just feel one thing in this very moment that the stress of going through all the hurdles is nothing in front of this RELIEF.”
Raja Mukherji has maintained a low profile ever since he was accused of molestation. There are no updates on his whereabouts and not much was written about him during the Rani Mukherji-Aditya Chopra marriage either.
Shubash Ghai: is successfully running the Bollywood school Whistling Woods and is currently busy making a movie with Athiya Shetty and Sooraj Pancholi. The movie is a remake of the old Bollywood movie Hero.
Irrfan: He has been basking in the success of his recent movies Piku and The Jurassic World.
Subhash Kapoor: On March 1, 2013, it was announced that Subhash Kapoor has been roped in to direct the third Munnabhai film with Vidhu Vinod Chopra as producer. The film is currently under the title of Munnabhai Chale Delhi, and is expected to go on the floors late 2015.