Scandal Flashback 1990's-2007: Singers and Their Troubled Marriages

It’s not just actors and actresses who have controversial love lives. Playback singers in Bollywood too have often struck notes of disharmony in their married lives. We present top singers and composers who have hit the headlines as much for their scandals as they have for their music
Scandal Flashback 1990's-2007: Singers and Their Troubled Marriages
Sonu’s Near Split 
In 2005, the details of Sonu Nigam’s troubled marriage came to light. Despite denials, it was known that Sonu was facing problems in his five-year marriage to Madhurima. The singer-turned-actor-turned-singer (again) has reportedly split with his wife, though both continue to live under the same roof. 
Infidelity was one of the main reasons touted for the discord was the proverbial third angle. The media linked Sonu with two women – singer Sunidhi Chauhan and the already-married Smita Thackeray who hailed from an influential political family. Reports stated that Smita was separated from her husband Jaidev Thackeray and around the same time, Sonu was trying to separate from Madhurima. In one of his interviews, Sonu told a website, “Madhurima and I need space, both of us are shattered, but life has to move on. I find there is no other alternative but to go our own ways. Madhurima continues to live in my house, but unfortunately, we do not communicate. I feel that it is better to part amicably, retaining respect for each other, instead of matters precipitating to a level where we do not even like to see each other's faces.”
Sunidhi and he denied dating but not many delved into the Smita Thackeray matter… probably because of the political angle. Years later, when Smita’s son Rahul got married, one saw Sonu Nigam attending the marriage with wife Madhurima and their son. We don’t know how their differences were eventually solved but a picture of Sonu Nigam displaying his affection for Madhurima by kissing him in public came as a surprise! 
The Alisha Chinoy-Anu Malik Spat 
Music director Anu Malik has had his share of ups and downs. From allegations of copying English tracks to not giving due credit to other composers, he has faced it all. But the music director faced the music when he was charged with sexual harassment by popstar Alisha Chinoy (who mesmerised music lovers with her record breaking album Made in India). Roughly around 1996, Alisha accused Anu of having molested her. The Anu-Alisha spat took an ugly turn when Alisha demanded INR 2660000 (approx. Dhs153,400) as damages. But a defiant Anu vehemently denied the charges. 
Meanwhile, rumours of Anu’s wife being miffed with him were rife. He tried to explain to her that this was just a publicity stunt by Alisha. Though not much is known on Anu’s wife’s take on this, there were definitely some fights in the Malik household during this phase. Despite the drama, all Alisha got in return was a defamation suit worth INR 2 crore (approx. Dhs1,153,110) that Anu filed against her. Not surprisingly, Alisha swore to never to work with Anu again. But later, strangely she appeared to be in a mood for reconciliation and decided to put the past behind her. After years of acrimony, she recorded a song for him for Ken Ghosh’s movie Ishq Vishq. 
Udit Narayan’s Pati, Patni Aur Woh Act
Award winning singer Udit Narayan enjoyed a clean reputation until a scandal from the past hit him when his secret was exposed – that he allegedly had had married another woman!  In true filmy fashion, a lady called Ranjana Jha created a flutter and forced her way into the posh Maurya Hotel on April 21, 2006 and claimed to be his wife. She was seen by the hotel staff squatting in front of the suite occupied by Udit, demanding restoration of her conjugal rights as his legally wedded wife. Udit accused Ranjana of lying and claimed that Deepa, his second wife, was the only woman in his life.
What made matters worse was that the evidence (photographs, ration card and other legal documents) submitted by Ranjana before the Bihar’s Women Commission, was substantiated and found authentic. On the basis of photographs and statements of the people who claimed to have attended their marriage in 1984, the Commission had prima facie found Jha's claim to be true.
After months of a bitter battle, charges and countercharges, finally Udit accepted that Ranjana was indeed his first wife. Much to the amusement of the media, Deepa and she denied having any differences between them and announced that they would live like sisters in true Indian tradition (bigamy be damned!). Ranjana withdrew her complaint. And Deepa was busy dismissing it as a “Ghar ka jhagda yeh to hota hi rahta hai.”
Sukhwinder Singh’s Disgusted Wife
Their relationship started when Sukhwinder was a nobody while his girlfriend Tejpal Kaur was a journalist in Punjab. Fighting her parents’ wishes, the couple eloped and got married. But married life was different. It was alleged at Sukhwinder Singh got carried with the success of Chainyaa chainyaa song in Dil Se and started ill-treating Tejpal. The ultimate betrayal came in the form of the song ‘Lucky Kabootar’, which was written by Tejpal for a music company owned by a Canadian settled NRI Gurinder Singh. Sukhwinder apparently stole the song and gave it to Raaj Kanwar for his film Daag without crediting her. An angry Tejpal hit back. “Sukhwinder wants a servant not a wife but I am not that type. My husband is a disgusting man,” she said. 
It was also alleged that Sukhi would abuse his wife after getting drunk. Poor Tejpal then took a stand and told the media that she would not live with such a disgusting person and that she was capable of taking care of herself and her child.
Anu Malik: Anu Malik leads a happy family life with his wife, they appeared together at Vivek Oberoi’s wedding for the first time. Anu now judges TV reality shows.
Udit Narayan: Udit’s first wife Ranjana declared that she takes his second wife Deepa as her sister. There is no trouble in paradise.
Sonu: Sonu and Madhurima’s on-off relationship is not much in the news. There are confusing reports: some say they have reconciled and live happily. But insiders say it is all for the camera and off it, they are still just two individuals living together.
Sukhwinder: Unlike others, he is divorced. Around last year and in 2013, Sukhi expressed his desire to remarry.