Saudi Arabia’s Winter: Kingdom Receives Snowfall Over the Weekend

Saudi Arabia’s Winter: Kingdom Receives Snowfall Over the Weekend

While Dubai and other parts of the UAE experienced thunderstorms over the weekend, Saudi Arabia witnessed snowfall in its northwestern region, attracting many visitors

While Dubai and other parts of the UAE have been experiencing chilly weather accompanied by thunderstorms, Saudi Arabia has also been witnessing a peak winter season. The Kingdom received snowfall over the weekend, with social media flooded with pictures and videos of the snow-covered trees and white landscapes from the country’s northwestern region. Many netizens shared updates on Friday morning of the Dahr Mountains and from the city of Tabuk, which is close to the border with Jordan. Twitter user Al Shareef Ziad, posted a video, and asked, "How beautiful is this white color?" 

Another user, Fahad Al Shamal shared a photo of two men camping next to a fire with snow all around them.

Abdul Majid Al Sharif tweeted, "By the grace of God, it’s snowing in Tabuk,” using the hashtag "Tabuk now."

The snow has helped transform  the mountains of Jabal al-Lawz, Jabal al-Thahir, and Jabal Alkan in Tabuk, into popular destinations for families and tourists, as the snowfall coincides with the activities of Winter Tantora and winter vacation. A large number of Saudi residents and visitors have come to the area for skiing and camping, bringing along warm beverages and food.

Temperatures in the northern region have reached below freezing point, with the Saudi weather authority advising residents to stay warm and avoid going out alone. The General Authority of Meteorology and Environment Protection in KSA has also forecasted heavy rain and thunderstorms over Tabuk, Madinah, the Northern Borders, Ha’il and Al-Jawf. Government bodies are monitoring heavy traffic in surrounding areas and have also set up comprehensive emergency plans to manage any incidents. Overall, most parts of the Middle East are currently experiencing an unusually cold winter season, with heavy rainfall in the UAE, hailstorms in Alexandria, Egypt, and snow storms in Syria and Lebanon. 


By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.