Sara Ali Khan and Mother Amrita Singh Do Not Care for Diet When They Are together

Sara Ali Khan and Mother Amrita Singh Do Not Care for Diet When They Are together

Sara Ali Khan is the elder daughter of the actors Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. She shares a close bond with both her parents despite living in separate homes

Sara Ali Khan shares a close bond with her mother Amrita Singh. Her parents, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh, got divorced when Sara Ali Khan was only nine years old. Her brother was much younger. The siblings stayed with their mother as Saif Ali Khan moved to another apartment. While Amrita Singh is generally considered to be a blunt and intimidating person, according to Sara Ali Khan the reality is different. She has often spoken about her equation with her mother who is one of the most fun mothers despite being a disciplinarian. According to Sara Ali Khan, her mother Amrita Singh has always let Sara follow her heart.

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Sara Ali Khan and Amrita Singh love hanging out together. The two also go out on holidays when the work permits. Recently, Sara Ali Khan posted a short video of her mother enjoying the chaat and traditional South Indian food as Sara Ali Khan caught her in surprise and made a video. Amrita Singh, who was too shy to show her face, kept hiding it behind her hands as she smiled. It seemed to be a casual outing as Amrita Singh could be seen dressed in a simple printed dupatta and kurta with her hair tied back. The naughty daughter Sara Ali Khan who was filming the video said, ‘Hi mom, we are live on Instagram. Why are you eating like this today? What’s gone wrong?’

Sara Ali Khan’s caption also hinted at her food connection with her mother.

When mommy and I set out to eat, We don’t care about diet-only cheat, Eating like this isn’t extraordinary it’s no feat, Even food competitors should shut up and give us their seat! #KushtiKiTayari #bharisawari #merimapyaari #sarakishayari’

Sara Ali Khan has always been a foodie. It was due to her love for food that Sara Ali Khan reached 96 kg while she was studying at Columbia University. Sara Ali Khan has always been vocal about her weight loss journey. According to her, she could not help gorging on pizza as she was far from the family. However, Sara Ali Khan decided to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle during her last year in the US. Now Sara Ali Khan is considered a fitness enthusiast and also endorses a sportswear brand.


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