Santa Clarita Diet – Why the Cancellation Is Not Okay
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Santa Clarita Diet – Why the Cancellation Is Not Okay

Santa Clarita Diet was recently cancelled by Netflix. Here’s why this is not okay

A lot of hearts were broken last week when Netflix cancelled the popular zombie-comedy Santa Clarita Diet. Starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, Santa Clarita Diet was an endearing show about a couple who are faced with an unusual situation when Sheila played by Barrymore turns into a zombie. Sheila needs a daily supply of human flesh and Joel, played by Olyphant goes to great lengths to procure ‘raw human flesh’. But unlike most dystopian or zombie shows, Santa Clarita Diet didn’t make you want to hurl. It was shot extremely aesthetically even the scenes of Drew chomping merrily into human flesh didn’t leave you with an upset stomach.

True, it was about zombies eating people, but it also dwelled further than that. It was about a middle-aged couple and their mundane suburban life. It was about a husband not willing to give up on a wife, who clearly and quite literally has turned into a monster. Drew’s daughter Abbie played by Liv Henson, is like every teenager. But she will stop at nothing to keep her parents safe from getting caught by the police for hiding dead bodies in their garage. What’s more interesting Abbie, along with her friend, Eric (Skyler Gisondo) blow-up a clam farm when they suspect that the clams could be the reason why Sheila turned into a Zombie overnight. The show ran for 3 seasons and had 10 episodes in each season. It did come as a shock to many when the show didn’t get renewed for season 4 as it had got a huge cult following. For a generation that grew up watching toxic relationships being romanticized, for once this show had very well-written characters. You could feel sorry for Joel, as he helps dig a grave for his wife’s newest victim, but also marvel at how he wants to be by her side come hell or high water. Joel and Sheila have given serious relationship goals to a lot of young couples. Joel, is the perfect husband, one could ask for. He is sweet, supportive and more importantly he knows how to make a difficult relationship work. Now, don’t we all deserve a man like that, ladies?

The show had plenty of comedy moments as well as romantic ones. The show also had a sub-plot of a possibility of a mythological reason behind people turning zombies, but since the show ended on a cliff-hanger, the mystery never got solved. Netflix, we hear has been aggressively chopping off shows with a bid to present more original content to the viewers, but they have let shows such as Fuller House and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, run for a longer time. SCD, allegedly was turning out to be an expensive choice for Netflix, and hence it went straight to the chopping-board. All in all, SCD did not deserve the axe. It was a fun, light-hearted watch.

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