Sanju Trailer Review: Get Ready for a Roller Coaster Ride
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Sanju Trailer Review: Get Ready for a Roller Coaster Ride

Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt will leave you stunned

Do you know what separates Ranbir Kapoor from the rest? When other actors perform, they ‘act’, Ranbir lives! He is to the manner born and that’s what you see in the Sanju Trailer. The biopic based on Sanjay Dutt’s life, directed by Raj Kumar Hirani has been creating a huge buzz ever since it revealed its first look and now comes the trailer which is TERRIFIC.

The 3-minute odd trailer gives you a glimpse into Sanjay Dutt’s troubled life and spares no details – drugs, girls or the guns – that defined much of the Munnabhai actor’s personal and professional trajectory . The only time it hits the pause button: when the T word, terrorism, is uttered. For a man whose name was taken in the same breath as hardened terrorists who blew up Mumbai in 1993, this film perhaps is his way of stating that despite being a bad boy (the trailer proudly states he number of women he has slept with and how he got into drugs), he was no ‘anti-national’. ‘Terrorist nahi hoon’ is the message loud and clear, as mouthed by baba…oops Ranbir.  That brings us to the core of the film – it’s hard to differentiate Ranbir from Sanjay Dutt. Kudos to the design team and the make-up artists for having got the ‘look’ spot on, including the paunch while the actor was being tortured in jail.

Yes, there are a few seconds of torture scenes that make you cringe and squirm. If these have been included to drum up sympathy for the star, it works. But there are the fun sequences where Sanjay is seen making excuses for not appearing at a shoot. From shock to a smile, from disbelief to a chuckle, the trailer evokes a range of emotions from you. If it is such a wild roller coaster, one wonders what the film will be like! But then perhaps that’s the only way to do justice to Sanjay Dutt’s life – a life that has seen mindboggling highs to jaw-dropping lows. 

In a biopic as colourful as this, the fun lies in ‘spotting the stars’. And Sanju has a plethora of them – Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Vicky Kaushal, Manisha Koirala… there are glimpses of each of them and we leave it to you to decipher who is who. 

Check out the trailer: 

The one man who stands tall amidst them all is the central character Ranbir Kapoor. It is going to be a showcase of the actor in him like none other and in Hirani’s capable hands, he flowers like never before. Rajkumar Hirani’s cinema is all about colours, fun, tragedy and heightened emotions. This trailer packs in everything and boy, aren’t we waiting to enter this madcap, zany world. 

Sanju releases on June 28 in the UAE

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