Sanjay Bhansali To Pen A Book On His Pain During Padmaavat
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Sanjay Bhansali To Pen A Book On His Pain During Padmaavat

Sources say the director is still coming to terms with what happened to the film

It isn’t going to be a while until Sanjay Leela Bhansali makes another film after Padmaavat. The experience of making Padmaavat and then being targeted by fringe groups has left the filmmaker drained and exhausted beyond measure.

A close family friend reveals that Sanjay Bhansali needs to exorcize himself of all the pain. “It has been a terribly traumatic time for Sanjay. The making of Padmaavat was not half as sapping as what followed. The backlash took him completely by surprise. He didn’t expect it in the least. He was suddenly accused of exactly the opposite of what he was attempting to do in Padmaavat. The film is meant to be an ode to the valour of the Rajput community. Instead he is being accused of insulting the community. It was all unreal and scary, almost like a conspiracy to bring the film down.” According to the friend, Sanjay is still to process the events that led to the violence against his film. “Sanjay doesn’t understand what happened, and why. He is not even fully aware of the issues. He keeps asking, ‘But what wrong have I done?’ The whole experience is bizarre and baffling and very frightening. He wants it (the problem) to just disappear for now. But he knows he will have to confront the whole episode at some point very soon. He would have to process all the drama and trauma and put it down in a book or in a film. Since he doesn’t want to give his tribulation a cinematic form, a book it shall be,” says the source close to the director.

The source adds, “Padmaavat was big at the box office. But the story of how Padmaavat was made will definitely be bigger.”

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