Sania Mirza Reveals She Played Tennis Whilst Being 40 Weeks Pregnant
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Sania Mirza Reveals She Played Tennis Whilst Being 40 Weeks Pregnant

Sania Mirza has lost 26 kilos since she gave birth to Izhaan and documented the fitness journey for her 5.8 million Instagram followers

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are a star couple who defied all odds and decided to be with each other. This was a love story that defied borders and all the animosity both India and Pakistan have for each other. Both Sania Mirza and Shoaib are famous athletes of their respective countries hence this wedding came as a surprise for their fans. The two first met in a restaurant in Hobart but it was a short meetup. They again met in a match when Shoaib Malik went to watch Sania Mirza’s match with his senior Waqar Yunis. They fell in love after their third meeting when both were going through a bad professional patch and then rest is history.

In a recent interview with Mid-day, Sania shared her journeywith pregnancy and motherhood. "It's been a lot of fun! I started physical work three weeks after giving birth to lose the weight, and began training three months after. Over the last two months, I've begun playing rigorous tennis six days a week." She admits that the start was dodgy because the body doesn't "feel" the same after giving birth, but she puts the biggest difference not to motherhood but age. "My body doesn't recover the way it used to. It's been two years since I played competitive tennis, so I am two years older, and in tennis, that's a long time."

While she never spoke about returning to tennis while she was pregnant, sports fans wondered if she would. As a former world number one in tennis doubles, with six Grand Slam doubles titles to her name, we didn't expect Mirza to go away anytime soon. "This wasn't always the plan, although I was asked the question all the time. The reason I never committed to coming back to tennis was because I didn't know how my body would react. It takes a tremendous toll [on the body and mind] when you are a professional athlete. It's the same when you take care of an infant. Both are physically and emotionally demanding. And then, there is time management."

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Over the last year, Mirza has lost 26 kilos and documented the fitness journey for her 5.8 million Instagram followers. "I'm in a privileged position. Women look up to me. I wish to be a positive influence. I get messages from them about not hitting the gym post pregnancy and that my posts motivate them to exercise. It's what inspires me to train more. At the end of the day, as women, we relate to each other."

While she stayed active throughout the pregnancy, she shares a bizarre anecdote of playing tennis two nights before she delivered. "I was almost 40 weeks pregnant and there was no sign of this baby coming out! I was very uncomfortable and getting odd aches and pains. So, at 2 am, I felt this desperate urge to play!"

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