Sanam Saeed Shares Her Family’s Secret Health Elixir
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Sanam Saeed Shares Her Family’s Secret Health Elixir

Sanam Saeed shared her favorite health shot that she swears by and is suitable for all ages

Sanam Saeed is one of the most lauded actors of recent times, who gained her much deserved popularity from drama serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” nationally and across the border for all the right reasons. Well if you are an avid Pakistani dramas and movies industry fan, you definitely must have heard about Sanam Saeed. The glamorous girl next-door has made a prominent mark in the entertainment industry.

The Secret Ayurveda Health Shot

The actor has recently revealed her secret health elixir that has been passed on to her from her grandmother and mother. She wholeheartedly believes in this recipe to cure everything and anyone who is perhaps battling with flu, fever or dealing with body pains can immensely benefit from it. Whenever there is a virus going around, she chugs on this healthy drink to get rid of all the illnesses that bogs her down.

She has shared the recipe with milk and without milk so that everyone can benefit from it.


Turmeric: 1 tsp
Coconut Oil: 2 Tsp
Honey: 1 tsp
Ginger: 1 inch knob
Pepper: a good pinch
Lemon: squeeze a bit
Water or Milk : hot

Recipe With Water:

1. Mix coconut oil and turmeric nicely( According to her turmeric goes best with fat)
2. Add honey, pinch of pepper, some lemon
3. Add ginger juice
4. Top this potion with hot water.
5. Enjoy the healthy goodness shot.

Recipe With Milk:

1. Take a warm glass of milk
2. Add honey, pinch of pepper and 1 tsp of turmeric
3. Drink it while off to bed

Every ingredient used in the Ayurveda health shot are all immensely beneficial to general health and wellbeing. According to the actor, turmeric builds your immune system, is anti-inflammatory, acts as an antiseptic and is anti-cancerous. While ginger is anti-inflammatory, honey and lemons have antioxidants that prevent cancers of many kinds while coconut oil is a healthy fat that provides multiple nutritional benefits.

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