Sanam Jung's Mein Na Janoo Episode 2 is Continuing Its Slow Trek

Sanam Jung's Mein Na Janoo Episode 2 is Continuing Its Slow Trek

In HUM TV’s star-studded “Mein Na Janoo,” the high-voltage story continues its leisurely build-up to the action
Sanam Jung's Mein Na Janoo Episode 2 is Continuing Its Slow Trek

HUM TV’s Mein Na Janoo is a show that successful actors headlining it, including Sanam Jung, Zahid Ahmed and Affan Waheed.  With this exciting cast, plus an action-packed OST, this show promises to be a chaotic ride – and in the best way.  That being said, it seems this show will be slow to build up towards the tumultuous events, gaining momentum gradually.  “Mein Na Janoo” at present is a show with a laid-back pace, holding back many details from the audience, leaving viewers guessing as to what Saira’s (Sanam Jung) mother did to be the object of such disdain and ridicule.  With both Zulqarnain (Zahid Ahmed) and Nehat (Affan Waheed) vying for Saira’s affections, it’s only a matter of time before Mein Na Janoo takes off.

Episode 2 of the show continues to build on relationships and how they function in this household.  While Daadi rules the home with an iron fist, her character takes a slight nosedive in episode 2 as compared to episode 1. The episode focuses vastly on….well….marriage, or rather the lack of it.  Nehat wants to marry Saira, but his mother wants him to marry Nida (Komal Aziz) and tells Daadi so. On the other hand, her other daughter, Zulqarnain’s mother (Seemi Pasha) expresses that Zulqarnain would also like to marry Saira.  Daadi makes it clear that neither of her grandsons will be marrying Saira, but also points out Zulqarnain’s handicap and informs her daughter to recognize that Zulqarnain’s wedding to Saira, or any girl, would be unfair. 

In this episode, we see that Saira shares her thoughts and feelings with Zulqarnain over the phone often, which would explain how he managed to fall so deeply in love with her.  However, is It love?  That’s the question. There is something so strange, so stubborn about Zulqarnain that the viewer has to wonder if there’s a trait that would affect Saira negatively – but of course, the audience will have to wait and see. 

As of right now, Nehat has openly expressed his interest in Saira, but while he has the guts to argue with his family for it, he does not seem to have the ability to convince them.  It’s interesting to see Saira making her peace with the idea of Nehat marrying Nida instead.  Her lack of love and attention in life from her father has set her up to disbelieve all the good relationships that come her way.  A glimpse of Saira’s relationship with her father is witnessed when he attempts to have a kind discussion with her and she refuses to take his money.  The family dynamics in Mein Na Janoo, at least at present, make up the show.  One hopes that next week, the show does manage to pick up pace.  While the show is gripping and each character is doing a great job, credit must be given to Zahid Amed for his performance as Zulqarnain.  The way he portrays Zulqarnain’s pain and anxiety is all too real, broken by the idea of rejection for the engagement.  Zahid Ahmed has been working in great shows regardless, which makes the audience look forward to this show even more.  How Mein Na Janoo shapes up after two slightly slower episodes will remain to be seen. 

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