Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman’s Khaas: All About Narcissism Unleashed

Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman’s Khaas: All About Narcissism Unleashed

Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman’s Khaas is all about narcissism galore
Sanam Baloch and Ali Rehman’s Khaas:  All About Narcissism Unleashed
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Khaas has started to follow a track that one would not expect to begin so quickly – victim-blaming. While he was pegged as a narcissist around episode 2, Ammar (Ali Rehman Khan) is slowly revealing himself to be a narcissist in the true medical definition. This episode proved that things are about to get much worse for Saba (Sanam Baloch.)

In the opening scene, we witness Ammar, Saba, Sonia and Ammar’s sister in a café where they are discussing how Saba and Ammar met. Ammar, in his usual manner, insinuates that Saba was falling over her feet in her excitement to marry him; however, Saba quickly intervenes and sets the record straight, filling the girls in on how Ammar chased her with flowers and phone calls. The girls laugh over this light-hearted conversation, but Ammar is shown visibly angry - showing that he able to give, but unable to take it in return. A conversation that should have been considered “ordinary” turns into something rather ugly when in anger, Ammar begins gaslighting Saba and refers to her as a psycho. He informs her that she should be overjoyed with him, as he spends money on her. Hearing this, Saba bristles with disgust and leaves the house. 

The next day, Ammar’s parents discuss Ammar and Saba’s argument, upset that Saba has left the house. Ammar’s mother immediately comes to her son’s defense, declaring that she has seen Saba’s lack of patience and cooperation. Ammar’s father, on the other hand, seems to understand Ammar and his flaws slightly better than the rest of the family, sternly telling Ammar to make up with his wife. Scenes like these are important to the narrative, as they paint a clear picture as to how Ammar has been coddled by his family and lauded for his “happy” nature – not realizing that this nature has a dark side.

On the other end, Saba’s mother immediately senses that something is amiss and takes every opportunity to let Saba know that she is a guest in their house and her home is with her husband.  This is an attitude most South Asian girls have been exposed to. “Bardaasht karo,” “Apna ghar basao,” and such, attitudes that put a woman in charge of making her marriage work. 

It is refreshing to see that there are a small handful of people that recognize Ammar’s faults and that he is responsible for the trouble between him and Saba – specifically Ammar’s friends and, now, Sonia. In this episode, we finally witness Sonia (Mashal Khan) taking notice of Ammar’s poor behavior. Ammar has begun to use Sonia in an effort to make Saba jealous, something that makes Sonia visibly uncomfortable, as she is getting engaged. 

In the last scene, a scene that not only distresses Saba but the viewers as well, Saba receives her MBA result and is overjoyed at her 4.0 GPA. At this, Sonia and Ammar’s sister congratulate Saba and encourage her to pursue a job. Hearing this, Ammar begins to call Saba dumb, lazy and puts her down as unmotivated, going as far to claim that she received higher marks for being a female. He also informs her that she cannot work, as he won’t allow it and a woman’s place is in the kitchen – a thought he again vocalizes with “humor” in front of Sonia’s to-be in-laws. Ammar’s words are rewarded with the label “khush mizaaj” in this gathering. 

Episode 7 of Khaas was a fast-paced episode, in the sense that the storyline is taking off quickly, without any lagging moments. The script is well-written and while the scenes are uncomfortable, that is the purpose they are meant to serve. At present, the viewers are avidly awaiting Faakhir’s (Haroon Shahid) reappearance onto the scene, along with Moomal Sheikh’s character, eager to see what role they will have to play in future episodes.