Sana Javed Interview: What Made Her Choose to Act in Ruswai

Sana Javed Interview: What Made Her Choose to Act in Ruswai

Sana Javed gives an exclusive interview to Hasan Kazmi and talks about her role in Ruswai

Sana Javed recently appeared in the hit television show Ruswai where she played a victim of rape. It was a show that had a lot of family drama and a profound social message. It recently ended and garnered a lot of attention from viewers. Hasan Kazmi spoke to Sana Javed, who played the main role in the show. Check out what she had to say about signing on to this role and the challenges she faced while performing.

Why did you decide to sign a role of a rape survivor in Ruswai?

I opted for this role because of many reasons, the most important being the margin of performance this character provided me. It was a one of its kind role and since I like to take up challenges, I went for it. On our TV screens, we haven’t shown a rape survivor who stands up against her abusers, fights for justice and becomes a symbol of hope for those who have been sexually assaulted in real life. Writer Naila Ansari penned a brilliant script that combined many common personal traits that Sameera and I shared and that’s why I let the character drive the actor in me through Ruswai.

How much do you think that your character of Sameera will help the women, who have survived rape and go into depression afterwards instead of seeking justice against the culprits?

I think it really helped them as Sameera represented them on screen. Things will get better slowly and gradually, but what I liked about the play was the fact that rape survivors and victims contacted me personally and even met me. They thanked me for giving them courage and appreciated my performance, saying that they were able to relate to everything that was happening to Sameera. I couldn’t be prouder of my decision of doing Ruswai and I hope that the time comes when culprits are shamed, not the victims.

How was the interaction with Mukhtaran Mai in the last episode of Ruswai?

It was one of the best moments of my life as an actress and as a person to meet her. She is a woman of strength who was the inspiration behind Sameera’s struggle as well as that of many rape survivors who want to seek justice for themselves. I had no idea that she would be appearing on screen and that my character would he sharing the screen with her, it was a proud moment for all of us who are fighting for a cause that was started by Mukhtaran Mai.

You have done variety of role in your seven-year career from comedy (Romeo Weds Heer) to intense (Khaani and Ruswai) to negative (Zara Yaad Kar), which kind of characters you enjoy most?

As an actor every character that comes my way, be it serious, comedy, tragic or negative is an experience I enjoy. I just don’t act the character but I try to live the character during the shoot. Thats why each and every character of mine is my favourite and I can’t differentiate between any of them. I will try to raise the bar in whatever I do, once this Covid 19 pandemic is over!

Your favorite character so far?

It is really hard to choose as it wouldn’t be fair to my fans. Let them decide that since they have loved me and praised me in whatever I have done!

Any particular character you want to do?

Yes I would love to do a biopic ... maybe Nazia Hassan’s or Benazir Bhutto’s ...

What do you prefer, film or drama?

Both because I would get to act and since I love acting, any medium would do!

Sana Javed has appeared in films and various tv shows. She was recently seen on television on Fahad Mustafa's show Jeeto Pakistan. She has also been appearing in Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi's tv show Darr Khuda Se alongside Imran Abbas. The show also got massive ratings and finished its run a few weeks ago. It was based around the topic of workplace harassment.

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