Sameera Reddy Shares First Pic of Her New Born Daughter
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Sameera Reddy Shares First Pic of Her New Born Daughter

Sameera Reddy imparted the first picture of her newborn daughter to her fans and followers which shows the newborn resting in Sameera’s arms

Earlier this week, Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy took to Instagram and imparted the first picture of her new born daughter to her fans and followers. The picture shows the new born baby resting in Sameera’s arms. “I wished for a baby girl and I am blessed with one. This little girl gave me the strength of wild horses. She wanted me to find myself again. She knew I was lost and she showed me the way. I found a voice in celebrating motherhood, wanting change on body perception and the best part was reaching out to people to just feel good about themselves . I’m so happy that people felt so connected and supported me to get here ! We prayed for a #babygirland we are #blessed ! #baby #pink #itsagirl #motherhood #mom #sleeplessnights #herewegoagain,” she captioned her post.

It is pertinent to mention that this is Sameera and her businessman husband Akshai Varde’s second child. The first one is a four year old son who was born in 2015. Their daughter was born on July 12 this year and the news of her arrival was shared by Sameera on her Instagram account. “Our little angel came this morning. My Baby girl ! Thank you for all the love and blessing. Blessed,” she captioned her post along with a picture of her holding the baby girl’s fingers.

During an interview to a foreign media outlet, Sameera shed light on her pregnancy. “My first pregnancy left me feeling torn between the reality and pressure to portray an ‘unreal life’ as a celebrity,” she had stated. Sameera was very active on social media during her pregnancy days. She regularly posted pictures of her baby bump apart from starting an online campaign called ‘imperfectly perfect’ by setting goals for pregnant women.

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