Salon Etiquette: Things You Have to Do to Avoid Committing Social Faux Pas While Visiting Beauty Salons

Salon Etiquette: Things You Have to Do to Avoid Committing Social Faux Pas While Visiting Beauty Salons

When visiting the salon, we usually go in expecting rest and relaxation, as one should. But there are a lot of salon visitors who aren't aware of these key signs of respect and etiquette you should show

A day at the salon/spa is usually synonymous with pamper time for ladies where they get their desired services and brighten their day up. Whether you are suffering from Monday blues, work exhaustion, breakup blues, disagreements, a good facial, head massage, a voluminous blow dry, some bright nail paint and tidy eyebrows will leave you in a much better mood. For this reason, the relationship one develops with their salon of choice and its staff is important. For that you got to have some unsaid ground rules that you need to follow to avoid any unforeseen circumstances at the salon. Let’s get to know those rules.

1. Show Up On Time:

If you have been given an appointment, make sure to be on time or rather five minute before the decided time. Making the stylist wait will rile them up and you will not get as great a service as you would have hoped for. This also ensures that you are settled in and ready for the consultation period.

2. Communicate Properly:

At least have some idea what you kind of hairstyle you would want to have or best option is to take pictures of desired hairstyles with you. For example, just saying ‘cut two inches off,’ is not enough, because two inches to you could mean something completely different to the stylist. So to avoid any disappointments, it’s important to have clear communications.

3. No Lice Or Knits:

Please ensure you have no lice in your hair. This is probably one of the most common problem salon owners have to deal with. It’s not only is repulsive, the lice can transmit to the staff, the tools and other clients!

4. Switch Your Phone Off:

Avoid texting or receiving calls during the appointment because as your head tilts in an unsuitable position, it is possible that the stylist’s scissors also make an unwanted snip. While it does bother some hairdresser one says it’s just fine, then just make a call outside and come back to your desired task.

5. Do Tip If You Like Their Services:

It is important to leave a tip for those who handled your appointment if you loved their services. Tipping your stylist/beautician is your way of saying thank you and ensuring that you are looked after at your next appointment.

Following this basic salon etiquette will ensure a smooth client-Stylist relationship for future appointments. Salon goers may have the usual complaints about being made to wait too long, or not being offered tea or water, but they often forget there are some basic rules and etiquette that clients need to follow as well.

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