Salman Khan’s Opinion on Marriage

Salman Khan, in a recent interview, made his thoughts on taking the plunge very clear
Salman Khan’s Opinion on Marriage
Salman Khan

If there is on Bollywood actor who usually stays mum on the topic of marriage, it’s Salman Khan. However, in a recent interview the Bharat star shared his thoughts on tying the knot very clear.

Salman has on many occasions been questioned about when he’ll get married and who he’s dating and as much as we all would like to know, Salman actually does not believe in it and thinks marriage is a “dying institution,” as reported by Times of India.

When the actor was questioned about his belief in marriage, he explained that he doesn’t have faith in the institution of marriage and that it is more or less fading away from society as time passes. He did however mention that he has faith in companionship rather than in a marriage.

“I don’t believe in marriage. I think it’s a dying institution. I don’t believe in it at all. Companionship? Yes,” he said.

So now that we’re clear on Salman’s view on marriage, it begs the question of whether kids are ruled out of the picture. “When it has to happen, it will happen,” he was quoted as saying and that just about answers our question.

In an earlier interview, Salman mentioned that “I want children, but with children comes the mother. I don’t want the mother, but they need one. But I have a whole village to take care of them. Maybe I can work out a win-win situation for everyone.”

With the recent release of Bharat (which is smashing box office records) this Eid, Salman has been busy with promotions, press meets and appearances. Several controversies have been attached to the film such as when Salman called out Priyanka Chopra for ditching the female lead role last minute due to her marriage with Nick Jonas.